Sirius is a male SwiftWing and one of Tide the Seawing's OCs. Yes, I'll admit it, he is based off of Sirius Black... (Get off my back, I'm a Potterhead!) So... Credit to J.K. Rowling on that part. DON'T COPY OR STEAL THIS CHARACTER!


Sirius is a tall, slender whitish gray SwiftWing with a jet black mane and a red stripe. When he uses his telekinesis, his gray eyes glow green. His wings and underbelly are both pale gold. (Kudos to Windy for helping!)


Sirius is very brave and bold. He is defiant to authority and loves excitement. He's a bit of a bully to people he doesn't like, but is extremely loyal to his friends. (Marauders, anyone?) He is quite charming as well, and is "up to no good" (Wink wink) a lot. Oh yeah, he also has an attachment to his mane. He gets mad if anyone tries to cut it or get it dirty. He is a very heavy sleeper.


Sirius can fly very fast. He has excellent night vision and like all SwiftWings, has telekinetic abilities (All of which he brags about).


He dislikes his family quite a lot. Sirius was always a more rebellious SwiftWing, nothing like his refined family. They always had so many rules. He didn't like that. The reason he hates SkyWings so much is because they murdered his little brother who Sirius was very close to (Even if he pretends he wasn't) and he still misses him.