Do Not Steal The Code. This is also NOT my sona!!!!

Background information
Creator Simmer
Main Attribute Haughty
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Color rEd
Theme Animal angery
Theme Song wip
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age 25 Human Years
Gender Female
Occupation None
Tribe Sky/Sand
Goal None, really. she rolls with the punches.
Residence A traveler, so she moves around a lot.
Relatives Torrid (younger brother), Thrust (mother)
Allies Torrid
Enemies A lot of dragons
Likes Fighting, fixing her problems, flying, country music
Dislikes Papayas, cow meat and brown
Powers and abilities Regular
Weapons SandWing tail barb, ineffective fire
Ships SimmerxRoost
Quote "Don't you assume you know what I can and cannot do."


Simmer is a deep red hybrid with yellow-orange underbelly plates and plated scales along the neck. She has a yellow transition line between underbelly and main scales. Her horns are SandWing shaped, going straight amd tilting upward behind her head. Simmer has an unusually long nose horn and a long, deep scar on her snout.

Simmer has light pink-red dashes between each scale plate and dashing along her tail too. Simmer has average SkyWing spikes up until her hip, where it changes into a dusty gold SandWing sail,which is usually messy and unkempt. Her tail has a SandWing barb on the end. Simmer's wings are quite large and have a clean transition from orange to yellow. She has a row of pointy SandWing scales along where her underbelly reaches her scales on her tail, where the transitional row would be on a SkyWing. These are also dusty gold. Some dragons like to call her 'half dragon' because of how quickly her features change.

Simmer has a slim, well muscled frame, and doesn't look totally feminine. She is a skilled fighter and has many blisters on the talon she holds her dagger in. Simmer is tall and intimidating, her muscles ripple when she walks. Simmer carries a dagger strapped to one of her front legs at all times, and never takes it off.

She has one piercing in both ears, and an optional nose stud. Simmer sometimes wears a silver necklace with the infinity symbol hanging on it.


Simmer is often described simply as negative and terrifying. While this is accurate, like any dragon Simmer is a bit more complicated than that.

Fierce and self defensive, Simmer prefers to be alone and only to look out for herself. She holds grudges for a very long time, and is very judgemental. She has a habit of forming an opinion about someone without properly getting to know them. She's the dragon who judges the book by it's cover.

Simmer is also strongly loyal to dragons who earn it. She would gladly risk her life for them. She can be quick to act but also very rash, and can do things she will regret later. Simmer is easily offended and is defensive. She finds it hard to open up to others and also to accept criticism.

Simmer actually doesn't have the most healthy mental state. She's very self critical and has low self esteem when it comes to the way she looks or the way her voice sounds. She is badly affected by bad things that have happened to her in the past and lets them stop her from experiencing a similar feeling, such as love.

Simmer couldn't care less if dragons hate her. Chances are, she'll hate them too. This is her attitude toward most situations.

Surprisingly, Simmer has a soft spot for dragonets, perhaps the only time her caring side might come out.


Simmer cannot breathe fire, even though both her parents could. This is a defect. The SandWing barb on her tail CAN produce venom, but it is not as strong as a full SandWing's venom might be. WIP


Simmer is an awesome fighter, her claws can strike with fantastic precision. She's also a raw talent at using her dagger. The twisting blade is quite small but her most lethal weapon. She can toss it with accuracy, easily striking you through the heart.

Simmer is also terribly sneaky, and has perfected the art of creeping up on her kill. If she gets behind you with her dagger, you're pretty much dead, with the exception of a select few.






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