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Copper may be my main OC, but Silversky is my other sona

Silversky daybreak
Background Information
Creator CopperWingz
Artist Daybreak :)
Coder Windy!
Elemental Attribute Stars
Theme Color Purple and Blue
Character Information
Age 7 in Dragon years
Gender Female
Tribe Nightwing
Goal To make people smile
Residence Leafwing forest. (Where the leaves change color)
Relatives Twin sister, mom, dad, two more sisters
Allies Friends, Copper, animals
Enemies type here
Likes type here
Dislikes bullies, abusers
Powers and abilities normal nightwing powers
Weapons claws, teeth, fire
Ships None


Silversky is a female nightwing. She has bright silver-blue eyes, witch is what she was named after. She is a dark blue nightwing. Her underbelly is the same color as her horns and her wings are a slightly lighter blue then her scales and they have silver stars in them. Her horns are white-silver. She looks like a very basic nightwing.(Everything is more blue then purple but the purple is still there) She is very tall and clumsy.She loves to wear hats, scafts and hoodies. She loves her purple jacket too.


Silversky is very kind-hearted and outgoing. She loves her friends and making people smile. She is very sensitive though, because her twin sister has always been clawing at her feelings. Her sister hates almost all dragons. Silversky is very different to her sister. She always talks strongly in what she believes in. She is very thankful for what she has, and would thank people for working their jobs. She loves to learn about other people, and what they are like. (Even though some dragons scare her cause of their power...And art skill. I'm looking at you Luster. You scare me... In the good kind of way. :) )


Silversky has many friends but her sister says that they are only being nice to her. Silversky is friends with almost everyone at school. From the populars to the outcasts. She feels like a very lucky dragon, being friends with a dragon who hates everyone. She is also very good friends with her teachers, and no one

is ever a stranger to her. Even you who is reading this has a high chance of becoming friends with Silversky.

Wiki Friends

(You can add your character here if Silversky has met that character. And add their relationship)

Copper- She is very close friends with Copper. They have played together and traded and explored. Wip


Likes- She loves the weather though she doesn't want to be a weather dragon. Her favorite season is fall, when she can wear a scarf, a matching hat and mittens. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life and going for adventures. She makes tea and helps out other dragons. Baking and cooking are some of her favorite past times. She also likes to be on her laptop or in a book, especially by the fire place. She may seem introverted but she is really an extrovert when it comes to her friends and too enjoying herself. She loves to listen to music, especially to dubstep or trap, witch may seem weird to some dragons, since she is so kind. She loves video games and will play for hours. She also likes to make things with her claws. This is why she hates it when she just has to remember things. She loves to play in the snow and likes to make as many friends as possible.


Silversky is a normal nightwing. She can breath powerful fire and can blend into the night. She doesn't like to use force but she will without thinking twice. She is quit skilled in making costumes for cosplay and loves just making anything. She is great at painting and drawing but she does understand that many other dragons are better then her in art. She has a wild imagination, and she comes up with the crazies and best story arks, even though she is very bad at spelling. She will work until a problem is solved.


Silver crown

By Clove :D


by Cley the Mudwing

Silversky Request

Colored by Skyice, line art by Joy Ang

Chibi sky

Made by Daybreak!


Silversky in the lower right. By Simmer the Skywing!

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