Silver Cholla is a pale gold female SandWing. She is only to be used by her creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poisonous Tail Barb

Like all SandWings, Silver Cholla has a poisonous barb at the end of her tail like a scorpion.

  • Fire-breathing

Silver Cholla can breathe fire, like all SandWings.

  • Organization

Silver Cholla is a good organizer.

  • Obedience

Silver Cholla is very obedient, having been raised in an army-like manner.

  • Intelligence

Silver Cholla has an above-average IQ for a SandWing, and is the brains of her "troop."


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Silver Cholla is one of Viper's siblings. She and her siblings, excluding Viper, were raised in an army-like manner, so she's very obedient. When the first round of her fighting lesson begins, she and Ironwood go after Flame. She is later seen fighting Viper, and is attacked by Ochre and knocked into a skeleton, knocking her out of the game. For the next round she, Viper, her siblings, Ochre, Flame and Seahorse are put on the same team. She is instructed to go with Javelina to attack Cabybara. When Flame asks why their training area is lit-up underground, she explains that it was built by an animus, and when he later went mad he used it to hide the bodies of his victims, explaining the skeletons. Bobcat explains that Silver Cholla is their group's brains. When the training is over, she and her siblings follow their parents out, though not to their parents' secret meeting.