Silver is owned by DreamingWolf1! No touching!


Silver is a beautiful silver IceWing with some dark gray lines around her face, wings and legs. She is very

elegant and sleek. Silver has purple eyes. She is considered very lean and small for an IceWing, but it helps her in many ways. Her horns and spines are a sparking crystalline white, and they look silver when in the right lighting.

Silver is an excellent hunter, but she refuses to hunt creatures like wolves, birds, cats or bears. She prefers fish.

Silver is in the Third Circle. Her mother's name is Serene. Her father was killed on a hunting mission. She is the only child of her family, and her mother's special jewel. She has a pet wolf named Amorok that she uses for some hunting purposes.


(Every character needs flaws and Silver is NOT a Mary Sue so.................)

Silver has a hard time speaking in front of large groups of dragons. She has an undeniable stutter whenever she is nervous.

Silver can also be very mean. She snaps at many dragons when they speak to her and prefers to be alone.

Silver has very severe anxiety about death. She has a hard time sleeping at night, and often sheds tears over it. Her wolf, Amorok, serves as comfort in these times.



Wolf- Wolf is Silver's best friend and hunting companion. Like Silver, Wolf will only hunt certain animals.

Serene- Serene is Silver's mom and the two are very close

Amorok- Silver's wolf is a good friend to her, and a great hunter