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Silver is a female IceWing who is a mercenary-of-war and currently a spy for Queen Glacier. A extremely hardworking and diligant dragon, Silver is a comrade to whoever pays her the best for the military work she does.


A figure the colour of silk and bone, Silver's beauty is unexpected, especially in the field of work she is in. Almond eyes that are casually ocean blue, however they can change colour due to a optical implant. Her maw is thin, yet definitely not delicate. Her neck is barren of any ruff of icicle-esque horns as she had to have them mostly cut off when she first became a spy. Silver's limbs and tail are well built due to the training the mercenary went through.

A notable feature of Silver is her voice. In a rather fitting fashion, her voice has been described as silvery, almost like the sound of raindrops falling against the icey glaciers.


From what her description is, a dragon would assume that Silver is a delicate lily, floating peacefully upon the slow moving river they would call "life".

They are very wrong.

Hardened by having to kill so many, Silver has embedded her emotions deep inside her own mind, not letting them escape by any means. She can be seen as cold and emotionless, however the spy's sanity would be long gone by now if she let her emotions free, seeing too much viscera in her life to forget the image.




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