Lightningstrike of RapidClans deciption of a GeodeWing.



Silicon is a female GeodeWing. 

Personality- Brave, strong, loves her friends.

Eye Color- Green

Occupation- Warrior

Age- 8


Silicon was born and raised in the Geodewing Temple. She has a brother but he is unknown. At the age of 3 Silicon's father died along with her brother of sickness. Silicon is lucky to be alive. The next year her mother was murdered by unknown dragon. At the age of 4, she lived alone as an orphan. She survived alone. At the age of 7 she became a warrior. She will miss her family forever. When she was in a dream, she saw 2 SkyWings,1 IceWing, and 1 SwiftWing. After the dream, she found her murdered mom in a rock. 


  • Silicon is named after a Semimetal.
  • Loves dubstep.
  • She is a main character is In for the Kill


Within the Rock- Chapter Two