Silence is a fanfic written by Tide the Seawing. It really has no point to it, honestly :P I was just bored and wanted to see if I could write a mediocre and confusing fanfic. For the record, I was thinking about Viper when I wrote this, but it isn't necessarily about him. Also, please give comment on what you think, because I love comments!

ThE WorLd iS QuIEt HeRE...

It's odd how something can go from one thing to another in the blink of an eye. It can also be unfair. Some people suffer so much from things like this, such as myself. I don't try to struggle anymore in this dark, vast place. My wings feel as though they won't move again; that's most likely the truth. I've lost track of time. I can't remember anything. Is this death? Is this life? Who's to tell? Not me, obviously.

Sometime I think I hear singing, but this cannot be true. I am alone. And the world is quiet, is it not? Or am I simply mad? I can't see. I am surrounded by nothing and my barbed tail is frozen. Someday, maybe the sun will shine here, where I am, perhaps when I am joined by another blind and lonely soul. That awaited day when I will have a light in my dark won't come.

Is this my fate? What did I do? I've never questioned it. I feel venom from days before filling me. Will I be here forever, for eternity? I suppose only time will tell. The false singing is growing louder in my ears and a can see a light. What is happening? wHY iS ThiS HApPeniNG? nO! SToP iT! StOP iT! ...............

I am satisfied. There will be no more light. There will be no more sound. No more warmth. Now everything can be completely quiet... Now everything can be SILENT.