Sight is a male CunningWings and one of Electrical-Onyx's OC's.


Sight has gray-blue eyes and mottled chocolate brown scales. He wears a black key around his neck with a mysterious engraving on it. He is (ironically) blind.


As a CunningWing, Sight is, obviously, cunning. He loves reading and studying, and is especially interested in other tribes. He really likes learning new things, always curious for information. Sometimes he gets really irritated when other dragons don't understand what he is talking about. Sight often feels alone and stressed, and may occasionally go into a mental breakdown.


When Sight's parents found out he was blind, they hid him, hoping no one would notice. They didn't want to be embarassed for having a sightless dragonet, and did not let him go outside or meet guests at their den. Sight had to hide and live under the stairs of his families household (guess the reference...). While under there, Sight learned to smell and taste color, and each color has a different flavor.

Later on, Sight learned that his parents were mistreating him just because of his disability. He ran away, angry at them for abandoning him. He was homeless for most of his life until he found out that his mother had died and decided that he had to go to school. Sight was a fast learner and quickly caught up to other dragonets his age. He was later offered a scholarship for dragon college, which he now lives in today.


Sight has the ability to smell and taste color. He has better senses than most other dragons, making up for his loss of vision. He is also very agile and flexible.