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Shyne is a MoonWing/IceWing hybrid.


Shyne has pale blue scales that gleam in the moonlight. She has webs between her claws like all MoonWings, so whenever there is a job in the water, Shyne usually does it. Her MoonWing mane is a purple that is very attractive. Her Cresent horns are very long because an IceWing's horns are long. Her tail has a fluffy end but it points to look like an IceWing's points on the tail. She is very skinny for her age. She has bright green eyes.


Shyne has both IceWing and MoonWing powers. Depending on how cold it is, determines how powerful her freezing death breath is. Ex: If it is Winter it can be as powerful as a blizzard. She can create earthquakes and volcanoes but they're not very powerful.


Shyne is usually friendly and will only attack if she has to. She loves to fly and stretch her wings. She will usually become grumpy around hot seasons like her half brother Windspire.


Shyne is the oldest of the group. When she was old enough she ran away. She met a dragonet named Windspire in the moutains and in a snow storm she met a SwiftWing named Eveningstar.


Unamed mother

unamed father 

Eveningstar (Half sister)

Windspire (Half brother)


  • Shyne was going to be a plain MoonWing.
  • Shyne's favorite color is purple.
  • She was going to be named Nightsky.


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