A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.


This is Shatter.  Shatter is XUbiquitousx's character creation.  Shatter's appearance comes in the XUbiquitousx's fan fiction, Dispassionate and Indiscriminate.  This image was also created by XUbiquitousx.  Using any of these items: story, character, or image without permission is prohibited and unauthorized actions may lead to unnecessary arguments.


Shatter has Silver-White scales and a blue tongue.  He is a dragon with quite a bit of wealth and power.  He is intelligent, wise, strong and robust.  He was from a noble family that had contact with the royal family.  He had moved to a cave that is located south of the Ice Kingdom and goes there from time to time to purchase things.


Shatter's personality remains steady and the same.  He is nonchalant and indiscriminate, but he doesn't hate others.  His moral contains to do what's right rather than to do what is kind or nice.  He speaks in a rather formal matter with almost no change in tone, but almost always monotone.  Shatter tends to not be sarcastic or have any sense or humor, his early life had caused him to make a change.