Shadowterror is a 9 year-old NightWing. 


Shadowterror has pitch black scales. His underscales are a deep amythest, which have a strange silver sheen to them. His eyes are a deep jade, his sclera is a light shade of mint. His eyes cannot take very bright light and his slits are often almost invisible. Shadowterror has stoney gray talons, which may be from being a scientist or a part time stone carver. The stars on his wing membranes look as if they were splashed downward, as most of the stars are on the bottom of the membranes. Shadowterror has shady grey horns and they spines on his neck are a grey white.  He has a slightly oversized build. Shadowterror has a grey chain necklace. The necklace has a amythest amulet with a star carved in it. Shadowterror is whip-thin, looking as if he starves himself. This is not true, as he just looks skinny. He is oversized, speaking in height.


Shadowterror is brutal and ruthless, doing anything to save his tribe. He is, luckily, in a merciful mood and let's his enemies go with a slight scar or bruise. Many dragon's of other tribes think he's crazy, although this is just a false stereotype. Shadowterror really does care about the ones he loves and tries to protect his tribe. He is unbelievably intelligent, as his smarts probably match up with Blsiter's or Mastermind's. Shadowterror, despite stereotypes, has moxie. However, it isn't like other dragons say it is, as he just faces situations with courage and spirite.

He only fears when a NightWing is in trouble. Shadowterror is a dragon who would sacrifice himself for a comrad. Whenever he hears about a NightWing dying, he is in a odd melancholic mood for several hours, comforting is aslo a futile effect.