A SandWing. Shadow Shift's Father's Side.


A NightWing. Shadow Shift's Mother's Side.

"I don't think that that past repeats itself but that the present repeats the past."

-Shadow Shift to Shardz. 

Shadow Shift is Biocraft's OC and he is the son of Star and Spike, making him a half-NightWing half-SandWing. He is a male. Take it away, Biocraft!!!!!!!


Shadow shift's Story is on a work in progress.  


Shadow is alot like Starflight (Maybe they're related, who knows). He is also close to being a mad chemist, he also is partially animus basicly is effected that when he uses magic he becomes forgetful, he lacks all SandWing attributes but loving heat, he lacks NightWing powers too, but one but not looking in the future he looks in the past to see things. 


Shadow shift is a lot like Starfight but a little bit more bold and dosn't want to stay indoors and study. He likes to be outdoors and study so, basicly he is a out door dragon. He has the intrestss of the ancient War-bot "race" he finds them intriguing. 


Star- He thinks a lot about his mom but when he looks at her past he thinks that he is following his mother's footsteps. he would like to see his mom after his mission.

Spike- He doesn't think about his father much because no one knew (but Magno) that his dad was a SandWing so he thinks that he is different, but he dose like to see his parents together with his siblings.

Magnet- Shadow thinks that he is his uncle, but Magno doesn't mind that Shadow shift calls him that every once in a while but Shadow hates him for stealing him as a egg from the Night wing castle. Which doesn't have the best of effects when you live in a large cave together.

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