ShadowWalker is a female character. Her father was a NightWing(Black Beauty), and her mother was a RainWing(Passion).

Her body shape is RainWing-like, but certain details bear more of a resemblance to a NightWing. She has silver scales on the underside of her wings, a forked black toungue, a ruff of icicles on her back, ridged claws, enourmous wings, glow in the dark stripes, is heavily built, and a poisonous barbed tail. She has all of the abilities of all the dragons in Pyrrhia (the non-fanmade tribes), except for the NightWing poisonous bite, creating a huge wave with her tail, and holding her breath for an hour. She is like this because she used a potion to turn her into what she is like.

She is a witchdoctor often seen by Blister, but she never helps Blister with her evil plots. Her best friend is Glass. She thinks Clover is deeply weird. Her parents may be deceased. Her twin brother is BloodTaker. She is considered a ShakeWing. She rarely ever uses her NightWing powers. She only spits venom when she's in real trouble. She tries to avoid Blister so she won't be told around.  She doesn't fight very often using strength, but rather strategy. She is a great enemy of Slenderdragon and always tries to foil his plans.

  • A typical NightWing.
  • A typical IceWing.
  • A typical RainWing.
  • A typical SkyWing.
  • A typical MudWing.
  • A typical SandWing.
  • A typical SeaWing.

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