Sevala is JusticeTheNightWing's dragonsona.  Don't use without permission and, of course, don't steal.


Sevala has a vaguely feline body shape, and is covered in soft sky blue fur.  She has two sets of feathery gold wings, offset from each other by just a few inches. (For those of you who use the metric system, an inch should be about the length of the tip of your thumb.)  

Her nose, underscales, insides of her ears, and horns are gold, as are the freckles along her back and under her eyes.  Running down the back of her neck is a long, dark blue mane, with streaks of light blue and gold on her bangs.  Her tail ends with a tuft of fur in the same color.  Her horns are straight, somewhat conical in shape, and float, detached, anywhere from an inch to a meter behind her head.






(Add your character here, and I'll put down what Sevi thinks of them.)

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