Serpentstrike is a odd female SwiftWing who is of the age 6. She can control earth, and is named after her strength, yet she is fast on her talons.  


Serpentstrike can be quick to snap, although she apologizes right away. She tries to be funny around role models, but she can be serious when needed. Serpentstrike can get sad easy if someone says something she personally thought was insulting to her or what she likes. Serpentstrike loves animals, and SwiftWings who find injured birds or snakes come to here for help.


Serpentstrike was born with her family. She wasn't abandoned at a orphanage, her parents weren't killed by anyone. Her parents took very good care of her at her young age. Serpentstrike left for her own at the age of 5, but she comes back everyday to see her older sister and parents.


Serpentstrike has light gray scales. Her feathered mane is a light brown, but it has light yellow streaks at the bottom. Her eyes are a golden amber. Serpentstrike has a odd electric blue stripe that is perfectly straight. Serpentstrike wears a electric blue feather and a brown feather mane clip in her mane.

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