Serpent is an odd, 7 year-old NightWing.  


Serpent is a snake-NightWing. He has no starry wings, and his body looks exactly like a serpent's, hence his name. Serpent has pitch black scales with deep purple swirls on his body. His eyes are a unsettling bright green, but they turn turn a milky blue around summer time. His horns resemble a farmer's sickle or a scythe and are completely white. His talons are a pitch black. Serpent's mouth is a pure black, and his teeth are like needles, and they point downwards.


Serpent is bashful and nervous around new dragons. He, however, is very polite and will always does his best to help anyone out. Serpent tries not to scare anyone out by his appearance, but he seems to meet dragons right when he's hungry. 


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