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Serendipity is a female trickwing working as a forensics scientist as a cover for her real job, a professional forger.Template:Infobox Character2


Serendipity prides herself on his work as a forger,she's acquired quite a skill for it over the years. Whether its badges, invitations, or arrest records she can make them disappear. He officially works as a forensics scientist for Queen Coral. Which means he has access to crime logs and all sorts of police documents. He has no bias, anyone can walk in and have anything erased. For a price of course. Because who turns to a life of crime without money in mind. Dragons walk in all the time asking him under the table for badges and all sorts of things. He has all sorts of connections as well, with blacksmiths and even larger heads in the queen's law enforcement. After all, dragons will do horrible things for money. In the workplace she smokes cigars even though she really shouldn't, all the dragons around her end up sick from the smoke.

Physical Appearance

Serendipity is not a particularly large dragon, she's actually quite small for her tribe. Her main body color is a navy blue. Her frills are a lighter shade of blue. She has navy blue vertical blue stripes going down all of her frills, a very strange attribute which makes her very recognizable. Not the best thing for her line of work so on "business" trips she usually wears a set of specially designed covers for her frills so she cant be recognized while out on unofficial work. Her wing membranes are a darker almost black blue. She has bright green eyes and slightly over-sized fangs. Her underbelly is the same color as her wing membranes.

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