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Sephora is Negora1's OC that was adopted from Tundra. She is one of the main characters in Dragon Jewel and is one of the dragons Emeralda meets in the story. She has a crush on an Icewing named Strider.


Sephora is pearly white with light blue underscales and light blue sparkling freckles on her shoulders, under her eyes, and scattered on her wings. Her spines and claws all tip off with a dark blue and she has sky blue eyes.


Sephora is a quiet Icewing, who only speaks when she is comfortable around familiar dragons. She loves to make people laugh and tells jokes all the time. Everyone tells her she's a beautiful Icewing, but doesn't count on it until her crush, Strider, says so. She is a quiet flyer, which means she is a great ambush hunter. Her favorite things to do is hunt, read, and spend time with her friends and Strider. She meets Emeralda in their story and learns how to judge people from her.


Sephora has basic Icewing abilities. Freezing death breath, survive extreme temperatures, etc. For some strange reason, her flight is quiet like an owl and makes a great hunter.

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