Separateheart is my NightWing OC. Please do not copy him in any way. Thank you.


Separateheart is a normal-looking NightWing with golden eyes, like Morrowseer. He has a strange personality: He is convinced that he is Morrowseer himself, and commonly struts around holding a bugle. He blows into it, racing up the stairs shouting, "CHARGE!! FOR THE NIGHTWINGS!!". He dug the Pyrrhian Canal in the cellar of the home he lived in with his siblings, Nightshade and Starlight. He has the concerns of his tribe in mind constantly. Even though the dragon he is convinced he is killed dragons, Separateheart is mostly harmless. He would never hurt anyone on purpose. For more information about him, read Deadly Nightshade and Starlit Skies.


  • Separateheart was the youngest sibling in the Brewster family.

  • He hates 'nature-fakers', or dragons who pretend they are someone they aren't (irony, anyone?)
  • He is actually scienceborn, since his mother, being a hybrid, couldn't reproduce. His egg was created artificially, but still held normal genes like regular dragons. Thus, he inherited the Brewster gene.
    IMG 1362

    Close-up of Separateheart on the cover of DN&SS. The megaphone is for yelling at his 'army'.