Selenium was a female Rainwing and was intended to be a main protagonist in the fanfiction "Shade of the Heir." She was FourFlames' OC and cannot be used without her owner's permission.

IMG 1735

Queen Selenium of the Shadow Walkers


Selenium was a Rainwing usually depicted as blue. Her eyes were a beautiful green. 

Selenium was a very laid-back Rainwing but could be fierce and controlling when she wanted to be. Selenium was patient, tolerant, and possessed a lot of endurance. She was known as Queen Selenium, first ruler of a self-created clan in the mountains. She and her mate were both 68 years old and parented 23 eggs in their lifetime. She is also very logical. One of her favorite activities are painting. She also does not like to fight very much. And, well, she can be rather flighty in combat. Mostly she just screams and flees, like your typical Rainwing.


Art by Joy Ang.

Theme Song:

"Get Back Up" by Tobymac


Selenium has Rainwing venom and invisibility.


DESTINYSCRIBE: She cares very much for her mate but he never seems to be around and she never has time for him when he is.

SUPERIOR: Selenium is naturally wary of her mother-in-law, since she is a NightWing, but respects her and has a deep affinity for her. She thinks all of her humor is funny, even when it isn't all that funny.

DARK FOREST: Selenium is constantly getting onto her first heir for doing irresponsible things but trusts that someday she will do things right and make justice within the halfblood clan.

CRESCENT OAK (DECEASED): Selenium misses her cool, collective second heir who was silly at times and content to stay put and work. She and her mate weren't there to save her and don't forgive themselves and both would have died instead.


"Ehhh, okay, just don't go over and ask him what he's doing."

"Well of course! Why not?"

"No! Skywings! What are they doing--?"

EEK! *ground in front of her explodes* "We're going to die!!!"

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