Secret of the Stars is an AetherWings fan fiction written by Hydra the NightWing and Tide the Seawing. Grammar edits are okay, criticism is encouraged, and please enjoy!


"Athena, I've already told you, it isn't a good idea." A calm, slightly supierior sounding voice rang like a bronze bell in the royal chambers. "That isn't a valid reason, Unice," protested another voice. A sighing could be heard. "Why can't we give our tribe the freedom it deserves? Haven't you ever wondered what could be beyond the kingdom?"

This was the very first argument of the two AetherWing queens, Unice and Athena. They were sisters and loved each other dearly. They just never showed it. The young rulers were very wise, but not all-knowing. They usually kept calm in the face of peril and led their tribe along a path of peace. However, no one ever suspected that would soon go out the window.

Unice, the purple dragoness (Who was older by two minutes, but never bragged about it) made her green eyes meet Athena's grey ones. "It just isn't-" "Safe?" Athena interrupted, her voice rising slightly. "What happened to increasing the knowledge of the AetherWings? To filling our libraries with reliable information? I want to see the rest of the world, Unice. Why can't I?" Unice sighed again, her chest feeling weighed down. Athena's green scales shone intensely in the candlelight.

"Athena, you're my sister. What if something happened? Besides, we have a duty." "Bu-" "Athena. PLEASE." The younger dragon gave Unice a hard look and went off to her chamber.

A week passed. They still hadn't made up. Neither were happy with each other and you could feel the tension.

In the royal library, (which was exstensively large) the siblings were quietly reading to themselves, occasionaly casting a momentary glance to each other, but flicking their eyes back to the books when their eyes accidentally met.

Out of the blue, a large crashing sound came from the library.

Chapter 1

Lyra rushed to the library, where a bone-shattering BOOM had just come from. "My Queens! Are you-"

"Assemble the troops, my adviser!" Athena ordered. "The SkyWings and NightWings are attacking!"

Lyra gasped and ran straight for the balcony. "SOLDIERS OF THE AETHER KINGDOM!" She bellowed to the dragons below, "PREPARE FOR BATTLE!"

The AetherWings flooded into the castle, racing straight for the Armoury. Lyra followed, looked around, and recognized her bronze face and body plates. She put them on, and then looked for her talon protectors. "You're too slow!" Libra, a royal blue AetherWing said. "Our kingdom will be destroyed before you're ready!"

Lyra forced her talon protectors on violently. "No, Libra, it'll be destroyed because you're standing there insulted dragons!" Virgo, a silver dragon dressed in golden plates said as she rushed out into the skies for battle, Lyra following slowly behind her.

They eventually flew right to a big, colourful group of AetherWings. "Alright," Hydrus, the green war commander bellowed. "Sirius, you will take the left half of this group and Ursa will take the right. We'll surround the enemy and remember. Don't kill unless you have to."

Ursa, the purple AetherWing, flew off with Virgo while Libra and Lyra followed Sirius. They circled around the huge group of black and red dragons. For a moment Lyra thought that they were done for, but AetherWings kept on coming out of their golden castle, and soon the SkyWings and NightWings looked helpless. But then, out of nowhere, a NightWing crashed right into Lyra. In panic, she tried to slice at his face, but he whipped his claws at her underbelly first. She let out a screech of pain, and grasped her wound. His silver talons were raised above her head, ready for another swipe, but a silver shape appeared in front of her, and suddenly Virgo had her wings and arms wrapped around the indigo enemy. "Go back to your pathetic excuse for a kingdom, NightWing scum!" She spat, and threw him sideways. He retreated, flying back to wherever he came from.

Lyra shot a grateful glance at Virgo, but she was already struggling with a SkyWing soldier. Lyra whipped her tail in the SkyWing's face, forcing her backwards. "Are you okay?!" Lyra shouted.

"Worry about yourself!" Virgo bellowed back.

Lyra felt slightly disappointed in the response, but that lifted when Virgo rolled her eyes and slapped an orange SkyWing away from Lyra.

Heaving breaths, Lyra looked down at Virgo. She winked her green eye, and flew away. Lyra smiled. She looked up to see Ursa, the purple AetherWing dragoness, struggling with an orange SkyWing. Lyra spread her wings, and attacked reluctantly, wrapping her huge wings around the dragon. The SkyWing wriggled free, and fled. "Follow me!" Ursa said, flames dancing in her eyes.

Lyra obeyed, and followed her leader into the castle. They landed on the platform they had left off of. "What are we doing here?!" Lyra demanded.

"They're flying off," Ursa said, pointing to the two retreating tribes. "See?"

Lyra saw Hydrus leading the rest of the tribe out of the skies, and Lyra decided to go and take off her armour before she had to be shoved around. Hanging her armour up, she rushed to the throne room, and saw that Unice and Athena had already made it, sitting down in their thrones. They didn't though, to Lyra's surprise, make eye contact. Lyra bowed, and walked forward. "My queens, the NightWings and SkyWings have retreated," she explained. "We've won yet another battle."

"Huh." Athena said.

"Huh?" Unice said, turning to her sister, astonished. "We were victorious! Well done, loyal Lyra. I saw you out there, you were excellent."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Lyra said, "but I must give credit to the silver dragoness, Virgo and the purple, Ursa. They were braver than I was."

"Hmm..." Unice said. "I say we have a feast to celebrate! Gather the soldiers again, our adviser, and get the chefs to collect something spectacular!" Unice grasped Athena's talon, but the green queen pulled it away quickly.

"As you wish," Lyra said, taking one final bow and leaving the room with a smile on her face.

Chapter 2

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