Basic information

Seahorse is a teal SeaWing with dark blue eyes. She is lean in build, with long legs and normal sized wings. She has a small scar on the inside edge of her left wing. She is currently a SeaWing messenger, and was previously a soldier. She spends part of her time in the WaterWing kingdom


Seahorse's mother, Marine, is a second cousin of Queen Coral. Seahorse takes a high level of pride at this, as it makes her royalty. Her father, Tidepool, was a medic in the War of SandWing Succession, and now works as a medical dragon for any sick or injured dragons. Seahorse has an older brother, Tropic, and a younger sister, Mariana. Tropic is a guard, and Mariana hopes to become a writer and poet.


Seahorse was hatched during the last few years of the War of SandWing Succession, about a year before the brightest night, and spent her first four years relatively sheltered from the War. When she was four, she began training to be a soldier in the SeaWing army. She had never liked the stories she heard of Blister, and did not particularly want to fight in the war. The war ended around three years later, and she returned home. She now spends part of her time in the WaterWing kingdom, and the other part delivering messages to other tribes, as she is one of the few with the stamina to do this quickly.


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Seahorse has a relatively good relationship with her family, and enjoys being around them, though her siblings sometimes make her want to smash her head through a coral reef.

Queen Tempest

Queen Tempest and Seahorse are good friends, and get along well. Seahorse likes how Queen Tempest runs her tribe, and Queen Tempest will often turn to Seahorse for advice.


Seahorse finds Hurricane to be witty and sarcastic, and she loves his sense of humor. She has a major crush on him, and worries for his safety with his magic. She has only admitted her crush on him to Queen Tempest and her sister, but gets defensive when they bring it up.


Seahorse likes Rainstorm's politeness and good nature.


Seahorse often tells Tempest that if she could take a horse underwater as a pet, she'd steal River, as she loves the energy and boldness the horse has.


Seahorse met Starfruit while taking a message to the RainWings, and found him to be more cunning than the majority of his tribe. She developed a small crush on him, which ended when she found out he was using her to get information about SeaWing ways, and he had intent to find some hidden treasure. She now hates him and his brother, Monarch, with a passion.