Seahorse is a green female SeaWing. She is only to be used by her creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Breathing Underwater

Like all SeaWings, Seahorse can breathe underwater.

  • Glow-in-the-dark scales.

Seahorse has glow-in-the-dark scales like other SeaWings, and can use them to communicate in Aquatic.

  • Night Vision

Seahorse can see in the dark.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Seahorse is mentioned briefly in the prologue by Nautilus, when he mentions that he can see why Fatespeaker's parents wouldn't name her Brokenheart. She then appears during a training session and Ochre mentions that she is good friends with Viper and Flame, due to their minds thinking the same way. During the fighting session, she attacks Squid first and knocks him out of the game. She ends up fighting Flame and gets knocked out by him, but is later put on a team with him for round two.