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Description: Blue, green, or aquamarine scales; webs between their talons; gills on their necks; glow-in-the-dark stripes on their tails/snouts/underbellies; royal Seawings have prominent spiral and/or starbust glow patterns on their wings

Abilities: Can breathe underwater; see in the dark; create huge waves with one splash of their powerful tails; excellent swimmers; light-up scales that can be used as a light source or to communicate underwater in a language known as Aquatic

Location: The Bay of a Thousand Scales; Summer Palace located on an island; Deep Palace is located underwater

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Coral

Alliances: Princess Blister, NightWings, IceWings, Mudwings (formerly; alliance broke due to the death of Commander Tempest)

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Male Royalty:

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Northern SeaWings

The Northern SeaWings are a subspecies of SeaWings that have branched north, to the waters bordering the IceWings' kingdom. (WIP)

This tribe is currently a public tribe. Anyone can make Northern SeaWings without permission.


Northern SeaWings are nearly the same as their warmer-water counterparts, but with a few minute differences.

  • Similarities

Northern SeaWings and "regular" SeaWings are around the same size and shape. They are both streamlined and skilled swimmers. Both have gills, photospheres, fins, webbed talons, and strong tails. In fact, nearly every physical feature about North SeaWings are identical to SeaWings.

  • Differences

There are far fewer differences in Northern SeaWings and "regular" SeaWings than similarities, but they are drastic. Over the generations, the Northern SeaWings have evolved to live more efficiently in the harsh waters. Their scales are most likely the most noticeable.

The scales of Northern SeaWings are reasonably darker than those of "regulars", and the hues rarely venture to green shades. There is a wide range of shades, from blues so pale they're nearly white, to bluish-silver, to black. There can be many patterns too, but mostly there are just solid colors.

Their photospheres glow either white or a pale, cold blue.

Northern SeaWings have a somewhat noticeable layer of fat, and are warm-blooded. Blood is barely pumped through the extremities, in order to keep the internal body temperature as warm as possible.


Four centuries ago, a group of about twenty prisoner SeaWings escaped from the Kingdom of the Sea, vengeful against the current royalty's ways. The leader of this group was named Ambience, a bold female with natural queenly qualities. Ambience had been thrown in prison for attempting to kill the queen for the SeaWing throne.

Ambience was quite cunning and had a certain charm about her that could persuade any dragon. She was able to swoon one of the prison guards into giving her the master key to all of the cells. Later that night, she freed herself and each of the other SeaWings that were locked up.

They all fled under Ambience's guidance, to the safety and freedom of the ocean. The group was co-led by a male SeaWing named Colloid, and he and Ambience soon took up a romantic relationship. For the next seven years, they were all treated as fugitives and outcasts, and were searched for relentlessly. After the eighth year, the SeaWing royal guards had given up on their search.

They finally settled right above the Ice Kingdom from a bird's-eye view, in the freezing waters where no other tribe could venture. From the time they had escaped to the time they settled, eleven eggs had been laid, and seven had ceased to hatch. The SeaWings realized that their dragonets would fail to survive if they developed in cold water.

Dragons continued to die from disease and the cold, until reports of underwater heat vents were brought to Ambience and Colloid. The group was forced to travel even farther north if they were to keep a legacy. They built a hatchery around these vents.

The strongest SeaWings were able to withstand the below-freezing temperatures, and there were only six individuals left by the time the first egg hatched.

Soon, the SeaWings were able to thrive. They kept becoming stronger and greater in numbers, until there were over forty of them. The first royal ceremony was held—the ceremony that crowned Ambience and Colloid as the queen and king of the Northern SeaWings.


The Northern SeaWings reside about 92 nautical miles from the tip of the Ice Kingdom, or 109 miles. They rarely interact with the IceWings; few Northern SeaWings have actually witnessed a live IceWing, and almost none have glimpsed a southern SeaWing.

Their kingdom itself is quite secluded, surrounded by a barren, desolate wall of icebergs. The palace, made from ice, is only accessible from underwater.

Relationship with the IceWings

Until several years ago, the IceWings had no knowledge that the Northern SeaWings even existed, until a patrol was spotted swimming close to the surface near the rocky shore. The IceWings were constantly on the lookout for these odd cold-dwelling sea dragons. Queen Glacier was awed by this discovery, and demanded to know more.

One day, a young guard named Atoll was captured by the IceWings. He refused to tell them any of the North SeaWings' secrets, and finally escaped during the night from a cell they had locked him into.

He immediately reported to Queen True that he had been discovered. The queen was infuriated that they were now at risk of being obliterated by the IceWings, so she ventured out of the kingdom with an expansive number of guards to admit their secret tribe to Glacier.

After they convinced the IceWing guards that they had come peacefully, True was led into the kingdom. She was prepared to give in to the queen, to have generations of strong SeaWings destroyed.

Glacier, in fact, was more interested in the ways of the tribe subspecies than annihilating them. After much consideration, she declared a peace treaty between the two tribes, allowing the Northern SeaWings to live placidly among the IceWings.


The Northern SeaWings' royalty and general makeup is very similar to that of the southern SeaWings, with a queen, a king, and royal dragonets. All members of the tribe are lower subjects to the royalty, but they are treated fairly and with respect.



You can make members without permission.



Male Royalty:


Southern/tropical seawings

This is an idea by Articuna, but these are free to make (it's a Canon tribe after all). These seawings live in the shallow waters between the two 'feet' of pyrrhia.  Here, this playful sub-species loves among the coral reefs and warm water.


Southern seawings are commonly found in brighter colors, the most common being orange, pink, purple, and the greens and blues of the main seawing tribe. Southern seawings have phosphors of pale pinks or oranges, and rarely white or light purple. 

these tropical seawings are very used to warm water, and aren't affected by heat or the sun. Southern seawings don't need as much rest as the other types, for reasons unknown. Tropical seawings can navigate coral reefs very well, and have strongly glowing phosphors


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