A typical MudWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Scrat is a 3 year old male MudWing. 


Scrat is very skinny, unlike most MudWings. His main scales are a light brown, with his secondary scales being a very light orange and beige. His eyes are amber. His talons are black.


Scrat is very calm and is very fun to be around. He is deathly afraid of SandWings, darkness, and lightning. He loves to eat fish, but mostly eats veggies and fruits, making him very odd to other MudWings. He is very close to his mother. He is very smart and cunning. He loves to make new friends.


Scrat was the last of his eggs to hatch. His mother, not caring about him, left him alone, while the others played with her. Scrat, so young he couldn't hunt, ate veggies and fruits, and still does. This is why he is very skinny. One day when he was wandering alone, a group of SandWings came and brought him to Burn. Scrat was very scared. Burn ordered the little MudWing to be killed. However, a very brave NightWing rescued him when she was studying. The NightWing was Queen Battlewinner right before she became queen. She acted like a new mother to him, and he is still very close with her.