Scorpion is a male SandWing and a protagonist in the fanfiction Trail of Stars.


Scorpion is an unusually small, light tan SandWing with red and black diamond patterns on his scales.


Hence the nickname Scorpio, Scorpion likes being in charge and having control. He is brave and likes passing the time by playing sports or adventuring. He is a loyal soldier and will do anything to protect his tribe. But no matter what, he will always pull through for friends and family.


Scorpion started life normally, then training to become a soldier. He is still in training to be a soldier and instead helps out his parents with camels. His parents are camel farmers and travel across Pyrrhia to sell fresh camel milk, camel meat, and camel cheese. He tagged along the way.


As a SandWing, Scorpion obviously has a venomous tail tip. But his venom is extremely deadly, able to kill several dragons.