Scorpio is a male SandWing and Tide the Seawing's OC from the fanfiction Beneath the Darkness. HE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HIM IN ANY WAY, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW.


Scorpio has light gold scales. He is 7 years old and has been living on his own since he was 4. He is a medium sized dragonet, and he has a stinger with poison only strong enough to paralyze. He's a good fighter with sharp talons and teeth. His eyes are electric blue and very sad.


Scorpio used to be a cheerful little Sandwing until his Mudwing brother, Pewter, mysteriously betrayed his family, causing his mother's death and leaving Scorpio alone because nobody knows what happened to his father. Now, Scorpio is a depressed and lonely dragonet who roams Pyrrhia, only motivated by the possibility of revenge on Pewter. He is actually very polite when you get past his moody shell..... But he's a bit of a grammar nut.....


Scorpio is a good fighter and is well armed with his venomous tail. He's also very quick and

A typical Sandwing. Art by Joy Ang.


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