Scorpio was originally owned by Tide the SeaWing but has been adopted by Darkmoon.


Scorpio has light gold scales. He is 12 years old and has been living on his own since he was 4. He is a medium sized dragon, and he has a stinger with poison only strong enough to paralyze. He's a good fighter with sharp talons and teeth. His eyes are electric blue and very sad. His tail barb is jet black.


Scorpio used to be a cheerful dragonet. Now, he is moody and sarcastic. He is loyal to his Mambas, but hates most other dragons. He likes having lots of alone time, and gets annoyed and fidgety after spending a lot of time around normal dragons. He can be very sympathetic and understanding, but if you catch him on a bad day he is harsh and judgemental.


Scorpio is a good fighter and is well armed with his venomous tail. He's also very quick and intelligent. He also has magic. Not your typical animus magic. He calls his magic zodiac magic. With this type of magic, he can control anything as long as he says a specific word. For example, he would say ignis to control fire. He cannot, however, do certain things. Large spells are beyond his abilities. Using too much magic at one time could possibly kill him. He has to be very careful.


Scorpio was born just outside a small oasis town. He and his brother hatched at nearly the same time. He looked almost pure SandWing, while his brother looked much more NightWing. Their father took Aries and left Brightsting when the dragonets were two years old. Soon after, Scorpio discovered his magic. Two years later, his mother was killed during a raid on the town (maybe by these guys?). He ran away, living on his own and traveling around Pyrrhia. In his travels he met a young SandWing princess named Loki. At first they seemed to hate each other, but they became friends and even more (although neither will admit it). Loki ran away to escape being used by the queen because of one thing: she is an animus. They met others with magic abilities, and they slowly formed a group. Scorpio was accepted as the leader, and the group grew. They travel around, never staying anywhere for long.