Scorchclaw is a SandWing OC I created, so please don't steal him. I might have Separateheart hide in your closet and jump out screaming, "CHARGE! FOR THE NIGHTWINGS!", if you do.


Scorchclaw was born in the Scorpion Den. He was an orphan, who was raised out on the streets. Thus, he didn't learn about 'kindness'. He was just as cutthroat as Thorn once was. When he entered the SandWing military at 10 years old, he was almost TOO brutal in battle. He wanted Burn to win wholeheartedly, since he liked fighting in the war. He was very disappointed when she didn't. Then, after the first war ended and the second one began, he decided to work for the SandWings of the Underground. He originally got kicked out of the SandWing military for unnecessary cruelty, after he killed a fellow soldier after he said that Scorchclaw looked like Smolder (the brother of Blister, Blaze, and Burn). They welcomed his strength, allowing him to become a member of their military. He became a spy, entering Burning Hope as a gruff SandWing with no place to go. He became (to his intense loathing) a minder to the dragonets in one of the winding tunnels down underground. He hated the dragonets, especially Victoria, because she reminded him of the fact that Burn lost and Thorn won, leading to his later expulsion from the military. Once Aurora arrived, he turned them in to the SandWings and Queen Harena. He is now living with the SandWings of the Underground once more.


Scorchclaw is a normal SandWing, except for a couple things. He has pale, sandy-colored scales, but also has rattlesnake-patterns down his sides. He has cold, baleful eyes that are like orbs of darkness, devoid of emotion. He has a thin build, wiry like a snake.