Saxony is a female MudWing.  She is a chieftain of the hidden and secret outcast MudWing society.  She first appears in Dispassionate and Indiscriminate :Chapter 9 but is mentioned at the end of Chapter 8 when Shatter is brought as a hostage to have his fate determined.  Saxony was created by XUbiquitousx, and he probably won't mind if you use her, just ask.


Saxony, also known as Chieftain Saxony, is a female MudWing ruler over some part of the Hidden MudWing Society.  She has copper-colored scales wear tribal-blue paint on her forehead that diverges from the end of her eyes to both of her horns.


She questions a lot of things, a little slow or somewhat.  She isn't quick to judge, but when she does, she makes sure it's fair.  And inside, she enjoys thrill.  And she hopes for the best of adventures.