the savagest fireborn

1577 belongs to NightStrike. Do not alter without permission. File created by Bermuda and Wings. She is in the same generation as Project 1666
Background Information
Ceator NightStrike
Base Tribe Genotype SkyWing, (some SwiftWing was injected)
Dominant Animal Genotype(s) Salamander, Harpy Eagle
Eye Color ice blue
Project Information
Alias(es) Savage, Phoenix
Age 14 (human years)
Gender female
Enclosure Number 18
Status escaped, but presumably alive
Behavior unstable
Abilities fire/magma
Fears none


Can manipulate scale temperature. Scales can be hot enough to melt steel. Immune to fire.
This project has unique scales. They're shiny and smooth, like snake scales. They can be warm or cold, depending on her temper. They're a really dark red, appearing black under certian lighting. There are yellow-gold patterns on them. 1577's front paws and horns are a bright red. Her talons are retractable.

The project's wings are the the most unusual part of her. They aren't functional without the use of her abilties, and appear like another (deformed) pair of legs when not in use. 1577 rarely gets rid of her wings, but they do return to their normal form when she's unconscious. They appear like magma and flames when the project wants them to function, and they reach extremely hot temperatures.

1577's eyes are a stunning blue, like most other fireborn that came before her. They glow brightly when she's using her abilties.


Agressive at first. Hard to gain the project's trust. Unstability and mood swings are common. Could be used to our advantage.
1577 is an emotionally complicated individual. She is normally in a state of agitation, and can lash out if provoked. If left alone the project will be cold and distant. When we did a neuro scan, her mental activity was off the charts. She seems to have a hyperfast thought process, leading to her constant mood shifts and unstability.

She can show more emotion when with trusted individuals, but her mind is a mystery to even our best neuroscientists. 1577 can like you one minute, and be trying to kill you the next. We've lost many projects to her mental state. She has contradictory thoughts often, and finds her only stability in using her powers to make things burn.

1577 is the pure definition of a pyromaniac.


Has a bad memory. Except when it comes to grudges.
Project 1577 was one of the last of the first generation to be hatched. She was also part of the firescales trials. She was the only experiment adequate enough to not be terminated.

We kept close watch on her all throughout her dragonethood. 1577 seemed to bond with the scientist assigned to her at the time, Blade. We assume she saw him as a father figure. He also grew to like the experiment. He disobeyed our orders and spent more time with the subject than we would've liked, and he also faked tests on the subject to protect it.

Eventually we had to reassign him to another project. He had an unfortunate accident with it and.. he didn't come back from testing that day. 1577 did not like her new assigned caretaker, and eventually developed.. very bad habits. We'd rather not say exactly what her mental state evolved into.

The subject had been very quiet the days before her unfortunate escape, and the only one who saw it coming was her assigned scientist, Pine. 1577 caused an explosion that blew up half of floor 6, and is currently roaming the outside world. This is concerning, to say the least.


As dangerous as project 1666.
Project 1577 is debatably one of our most dangerous experiments here at The Place. She has many abilties that could kill by themselves, so 1577 is a deadly subject. Do not directly challenge her or you will die in the most painful way possible.

1577 is very flexible and fast, and can dart around quickly to confuse her opponents. She has extreme stamina, and can do this for hours on end. Her claws can retract and are curved and sharp, which can cause fatal wounds if you let her claw at you for too long. 1577 is very dangerous, even when her wings are unformed. Do not approach without proper protective gear.

Hypersensitive Eyesight
The project has superb eyesight, and can see the most minute of details from miles away. She has a shaded third eyelid, and this protects her sensitive eyes from bright light caused by her flames. She is also very good at seeing motion as well, and has been able to spot camouflaged RainWings when they move around. However, if they stay still she cannot see them. Her night vision is similar to a SeaWing's. Do not challenge her to a staring contest. She will win.

Scale Temperature
The subject can increase her scale temperature to extremely hot temperatures, and can even light itself on fire. We have no clue how she does this, but a scratch from a burning claw is very painful, and deadly. 1577's scale temperature can fluctuate with mood.

Fire/Magma Manipulation
This is 1577's most formidible ability. She can manipulate massive amounts of fire, and can create it from nothing. She can also breath fire.

She surpasses the best SwiftWing pyrokinetics by at least 100 times. She can also control magma, but cannot create it like she can fire. Her wings are the only part of her body that can create a substance close to magma. But she can draw it up from the ground. It takes a lot of her energy, but she could probably create a volcano if she tried.

Keep flammable objects away. Subject burns things for fun.

The information in the following tabs is classified. Do not view without proper clearance.

Others refer to her as Savage. She's started to call herself by that name as well. Refer to her as 1577 like always.

Tribal Donors: SkyWing, SwiftWing

Other Donors: Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander), Harpia harpyja (Harpy Eagle)


We wanted a soldier of fire, one that could control huge amounts of flame and even magma. The Place got more than it bargained for with 1577.

We added fireborn SkyWing and Pyrokinetic SwiftWing for maximum firepower, and these genes have seemed to mutate, resulting in 1577's current condition. She has more control over fire than we'd planned, and is really adept at manipulating it.

We added DNA from a harpy eagle for the project's eyesight, and were not disappointed. The project can see much farther and more in detail than an average dragon, and can hit a target that would be impossible for a normal being to strike.

We added salamander DNA for idiodic reasons, but it may have caused the changes that occurred. It's said that salamanders are creatures of fire, and that they were the first controllers of fire. We'd added the DNA to see what would happen, and those legends may not be wrong.

Actually, there is another piece of DNA that was found in 1577 after she hatched, and we were dumbfounded when we realized what it was. This is classified, but somehow DNA of a mythical creature that was thought to be a fairytale was identified in the project. Phoenix DNA. This explains everything.

The higher ups and I are the only ones who know of this. This worries us greatly.

Physical Status

1577 is somewhat muscular, and slighly shorter than the average dragon, coming up to about 5'5. She grows extremely fast and has already reached developmental adulthood, even though she is about 14.

She is extremely fast and agile, and very flexible, like a snake. When her wings are not in use, she can use them like another pair of arms (without fingers and talons of course). Her tail is also whip-thin and flexible and 1577 often lights it on fire as a warning sign.

She can withstand intense heat and physical exertion, and has incredible stamina. Combined with her firepower, 1577 is an almost unbeatable foe.

Growth Chart

Time Note
Month 1 Egg hatched in a violent explosion. Hatchling appears to have intense firepower. This looks promising.

Month 2 She's seemed to develop an attachment to me. She's actually kind of cute. I like her. Shoot, the scientists will see this, why did I write that? Seems to see me as a father figure.

Month 3 Has developed control over her scale temperature. Has even more power over fire than we pepreviosly thought. Also grows extremely fast.

Year 1 Developed full control over her fire abilties. Has enough firepower to melt a small town. Firepower is expected to grow when she hits age 5. She allows me in her enclosure now. Any other scientist who's come in has left with 3rd degree burns. She was holding back..? Interesting indeed.

Year 2 Has developed the ability to fly using her abilties! She is truly amazing! I've been teaching her more flying manuvers, since I am a SkyWing like her. Extermely fast learner as well.

Year 3 Doesn't eat anything besides meat. Loves burnt food. Can ingest raw meat without consequences. Reacts badly to frozen food, charring it immediately.

Year 5 I will be 1577's note taker now. Blade had an unfortunate.. Accident with another subject. He will not be coming back.

Year 6 Has reacted badly to me. 1577's agitation and temperament are dangerous. She now has the power to melt an entire city down. All other projects she's been introduced to cannot handle the extreme heat she gives off. Most don't live through their first interaction, or escape with critical burns.

Year 8 Has calmed down slightly. Won't kill anything on sight. Sadistic tendancies are showing. Has only bonded with a select few projects. They're usually at her level or slightly lower. She has no tolerance for weaklings.

Year 10 Has taken pleasure in burning intricate patters into her cell walls. Also loves welding them. The avian subjects have somehow learned of her existence, even though they've never crossed paths. Interesting.

Year 12 Is suspiciously quiet. Current firepower is unknown. We have a ticking time bomb on our hands. I've put in an order for termination. It was denied.

Year 14 Has escaped, burning half of floor 6 down in the process. What did I tell them?



Her firepower grew gradually until age 5, when it spiked. Her power grows every day, and can flucuate depending on other factors, like health, body temperature, and mood. Her other abilties all took shorter time to develop than her fire. It's hypothosized that her firepower won't ever stop growing. According to our data, this is probably true.

UPDATE: She has escaped, let's hope she doesn't cause mass destruction. Let's hope our calculations were wrong.


Somewhat social. Depends on mood.
1666 - Told us she sees 1666 as an ally.

~ Has not come in direct contact with any of The Avians ~
1538 - Thinks his breath weapon could be manipulated. Has somehow found out about the others' existance and powers. Strange.

8711 - Thinks that 8711 is weak and could use some shaping up. Also knows about 8711's duplicate. This is concerning.

1212 - Shows slight respect for 1212. But not much.

6027 - Compares 6027 to 8711. Thinks she could use some strengthening.

5012 - Has shown the most interest in 5012 because of her powers. However, 1577 doesn't see her as a leader figure.


Told us her only escape plan consists of "burn the place down". Fireproof her enclosure. Immediately.
  • prefers her food raw or charred
  • tests show her favorite color is green
  • has artistic talents with her welding and scorch-drawing, but doesn't seem to notice
  • has become somewhat of a legend among the other subjects
  • Hates hearing her own voice
  • Loves shiny things but hides it from us

Good at welding.

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