Tribe: SwiftWing, male

Family: None/all missing or killed except for aunt.


Satellite is a pure black SwiftWing with a gray mane and tail tuft. His stripe is purple. His eyes are a dark blue and glow black when using his telekinesis.He  knows a way with contraptions. He has large wings and a narrow tail. His claws are slightly blunt from making things. He mostly carries a small leather bag across his back filled with things he may use.


Satellite enjoys making inventions out of anything he finds and uses his telekinesis to help build the inventions. He enjoys flying and,though he lists competitive flying as a hobby for him. He is quiet and shy but will come out when a certain time comes.He is very cunning and quick-witted


When Satellite first started making contraptions his parents were killed in a unknown manner. After that he went to live with his aunt and uncle. His uncle was cruel and pronounced Satellite a disgrace to the family. His aunt felt sorry for Satellite and showed him how to fly and she helped him make contraptions. Soon after, his uncle was killed by accident when one of Satellite's inventions killed his uncle. He was forgiven and his aunt raised him.


Satellite is skilled in telekinesis,able to assemble objects in a matter of seconds.He uses his intelligence to get him out of a situation,or when he has to fight.He can be daring,and is not afraid to do new things.He has shown intrest in pyrokinesis,and studies it when he has nothing to do.He is relatively good at it,though it can sometimes go haywire.


I named Satellite after the song Satellite by Rise against.

Satellite gets his inventions from many sources,sometimes other tribes or scavengers.