This OC belongs to Bermuda. Do not use her without permission. I have worked extremely hard on this character, and I'd appreciate it if you tried to stay away from making a character like her.

I'd love some constructive criticism on Sasha, and I'll listen with open ears to what you have to say.

Note: most of the fire puns were not intended

We could hide away in daylight

We go undercover, wait out the sun
Background Information
Creator Bermuda
Main Attribute courage
Elemental Attribute fire
Theme Animal cardinal
Theme Color ruby red
Theme Song Heroes (we could be) - Alesso (ft. Tove Lo)

Pompeii - Bastille
MBTI Personality ENFP
Character Information
Age 28 (human)
Gender female
Orientation bisexual, very strong preference to males
Occupation firefighter
Tribe SwiftWing
Goal save lives, possibly get married,
Residence spacious apartment in Nightcry, the firehouse
Relatives mother (missing), father, four siblings (all younger), but is estranged from all of them
Allies other firefighters, her friends
Enemies most criminals, arsonists
Likes having fun, saving lives, people who stay safe, water, food, her sleep (which is rare lol)
Dislikes fire, careless people, FlameWings (for obvious reasons), coffee, chocolate, bananas, steak, fireworks in stupid places, the 4th of July
Powers and abilities good driver, good at sketching stuff
Weapons firefighter hatchet, fire extinguisher, fire truck, other firefighter stuff, pencils
Ships what
Quote "Do you really think you're a match for me?! Haha, those puns though."

"Some say it's crazy I'm not a FlameWing, given my job. I say that they only cause more fires, and they shouldn't be firefighters, even though they have fireproof scales or whatever."

Sasha is often overlooked by others, as most don't pay the firefighters of Pyrrhia any attention, despite the large, bright red fire trucks they drive. What they don't know is that these dragons work night and day to keep the cities safe for everyone. Sasha is one of these warriors, and she is not afraid of fire.

Got a secret side in plain sight

Where the streets are empty, that’s where we run


"Looks don't particularly matter when you are fighting a fire, so honestly? I don't really care how I look. Plus, makeup is actually flammable. Not too good in my line of work!"

Sasha could be considered beautiful, but looks don't matter in her line of work. Shes garunteed to not be wearing makeup unless she is on her break for a week or two, but even then she chooses not to wear any cosmetics.

Her frame is lean and corded with wiry muscle, as you need to be pretty athletic to operate some of the things she does. Her muscular structure is often overlooked, but she doesn't mind. She could beat most average dragons in a fight or wrestling match.

Sasha is of average height for a SwiftWing, standing even with most dragons her age. She's fine with being this height, and she knows it's pointless to be upset with it because you can't change it.

Her main scales are a deep matte gray, and don't glimmer or reflect any rays of light. They are tiny individually, as over generations, her family has been getting smaller and softer, as there is much less of a need for protection in a city.

Sasha's underscales are a slightly lighter shade of grey, and again, don't reflect anything. They are even smaller and softer individually, so this is probably her most vulnerable area.

Her mane is quite spiky and straight, not silky and flowing. She has dyed it ruby red, and likes it that way. It has been dyed since she was ten, because she didn't like the color it actually was (and neither did anyone else).

Sasha doesn't have a stripe, which is considered strange among other SwiftWings. She has debated getting a tattoo on her neck where the stripe would be reading "SWIFTWING STRIPE HERE" to be silly, but has decided that would be stupid.

Her eyes are a light orange, and are very warm and friendly usually. If you get on her bad side, her fire-colored eyes will turn as hard as steel and as cold as ice, but this rarely happens.

Sasha is almost always dressed in the Nightcry firefighter uniform, which consists of dark blue-grey shirts and matching pants, but sometimes she chooses to wear the optional shorts. The shirt is almost always a t-shirt for her, and has the fire station emblem on the chest area on the left side.

When she isn't at the station on duty, she'll usually wear a black tank top and jean shorts. She dresses casually, and loves to be comfortable in what she's wearing.

One odd thing about her is the burn scars on her front ankles, which look like light gray steaks crisscrossing her forearms. She doesn't like to talk about them, and she has told very few people what they came from. When the other firefighters won't stop asking what happened, she will wrap them in black athletic tape to deter them from asking about her scars.

We could be heroes

We could be heroes, me and you


"Secrets aren't secrets if others know about them."

Sasha is a very complicated dragoness. She is very kind and has an open heart, but is actually really sassy and fiery around her friends. She still has secrets though - and she wants to keep them that way.

She loves to have fun, and has been known for attacking the fire chief with silly string on lesser holidays such as Halloween or Independence Day. Sasha loves pranking, but all of them are harmless. She couldn't hurt another firefighter with her own will.

Sasha will go out of her way to help others in need, as that’s pretty much the whole point of her job. She loves dragonets, and is especially helpful around them. Because of her kind and caring behavior around dragonets, she is one of the dragons that is sent out and around Nightcry to go to schools and educate young dragons about fire safety. She loves doing this, and hopes to do it even after she retires from duty.

Sasha is very loyal and protective, and tends to get suspicious of dragons around the firehouse that usually aren’t there. She hates dragons who commit arson with a burning passion (pun not intended). She also can’t stand property damage, but admires graffiti artists and their talent.

She puts on a mask of steel, almost never cracking and revealing her true self. Underneath her happy, upbeat personality, she's scared. She isn't a firefighter without knowing the risks she takes. Maybe she'll burn to death. Those firefighting suits aren't totally fireproof. Maybe she'll get cancer from the smoke, or even suffocate to death.

She has only mentioned these fears to her best friends, and plans to keep it that way. It is her main secret, and one that she is willing to keep forever if she has to.

Sasha dislikes FlameWings, but for very obvious reasons. They can set themselves on fire, and more than once a little showing off has gone downhill. She makes it her job to educate young FlameWings about their dangerous abilities, and often holds a special FlameWing class at all schools to prevent it. Some may see it as tribal racism, but she just wants to keep everyone safe.

Sasha is hard to anger, unless you start off on her bad side. If you're constantly annoying, she won't like you much. When she does get mad, you can be guaranteed to see some particularly wild behavior from the SwiftWing.

Her relationship with her family is complicated, and avoids talking about it at all costs. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, she's usually invited to her friends' house. She wishes that she could get back on good terms with them, and still isn't happy about what set them apart.

Sasha isn't very organized. She tends to make up plans as she goes, and doesn't like deadlines that are set in stone. She loves to bend the rules, and doesn't understand why others can't be more flexible.

She isn't big into flirting, and isn't desperate for a relationship right now. Though it would be nice, she isn't very good at the whole dating thing, as she tends to be very boyish around most dragons, and many find it embarrassing to be around her in a romantic setting.

Sasha has another secret - she's scared of falling in love. She's never fallen completely, and doesn't know what it'll take. She's liked someone enough to go on a date or two, but never gets past it. She really doesn't count those guys as exes, and actually still has their numbers in her phone. She's become good friends with a few.

The real reason she's scared of love is heartbreak. She doesn't want to put everything on the line, only to have it taken as the dragon goes off to another dragoness. She's terrified of giving her heart away and not getting it back.

As said before, Sasha is very boyish. She can't help it, being in such a male-dominated world. She has a surprisingly deep voice to go along with it, and could pass for male by ear is she really wanted to. She loves to roughhouse, and has taken (and still does) advanced martial arts classes to let off steam. Sometimes she'll wrestle with the other firefighters, though she almost always loses because she isn't quite as strong as the males.

Anybody’s got the power

They don't see it cause they don't understand


"It's nearly impossible to change your heritage, but you can change your legacy."

Sasha was born in an average household in Nightcry, born as the oldest of six. She loved her family, and wanted to please them in everything she did.

She never knew her mother, as she had given up on them when Sasha was five and she had two younger brothers, who were twins, along with two more little brothers and a little sister.

She was okay at school, mixing in just right with the average dragonets. She was never one to go beyond on projects, she'd usually just die the bare minimum, maybe slightly more if she liked the subject.

Once she reached junior high, Sasha started to run into trouble. No one accepted her for lacking a stripe and having a gross colored mane. She was a target for bullying, and she quickly grew to be extremely sad and lonely. Her siblings didn't care much, save her sister, who was the second youngest.

Her name was Sophie, and she tried to make her feel better when no one else seemed to care. Sophie was sweet and impossible to love.

Sasha was slowly getting better, ignoring the nasty rumors that they spread about her and her siblings. Though she really didn't have any friends, she was stronger than almost all of them mentally. She had learned to take on the insults of an entire grade, if not the whole school.

Sometime during seventh grade, she dyed her hair red. She loved the color, and now they had one less thing to tease her about. This was the main source of the tumors and lies, so they almost stopped completely. She even gained one or two close friends, but none were as close as her sister Sophie.

Sophie continued to help her, as she had to help her dad take care of four other dragonets. Sam, Sean, Shane and Seth were all great, but very loud and obnoxious. Sasha had to make sure that all of them were taken care of while their dad was at work (he was a police officer).

The dragonets were due for a annual checkup, and their father scheduled it for the next day. The family went in, passing everything without trouble. Except for poor Sophie, Sasha's favorite sibling.

When asked if she was feeling good, Sophie surprised everyone by saying that she felt tired all the time and was just tired all the time and got the chills. The doctor looked at the report on her weight and suddenly grew concerned. He checked her temperature and started to grow even more worried. A simple blood test made them all turn white.

With a sad gaze, the doctor turned to the family and told them that Sophie had cancer. The entire family was shocked. Sasha immediately buried her head in her hands and started to cry. Her siblings soon followed. Her dad just sat there, face not moving from its stricken expression.

Even worse, the cells had already spread, so treatment right now was nearly impossible. The doctor took Sasha's father into a different room. The doctor told him that his youngest daughter had only about nine months to live. She was only thirteen.

The next week was agony for Sasha. The young SwiftWing was about to lose her best friend, and didn't know what to do to help Sophie through the process. Sasha fell into a state of depression, her eyes blank and vacant, not smiling at all.

Though school was drawing to a close for the year, Sasha didn't feel any joy about the summer. There would be no homework to keep her mind busy and stop her from thinking about her sister, and there would be no chances to avoid her siblings and father if she wanted to be alone.

Summer came without any glory. On the last day of school, dragons were all smiling and screaming old songs about summer as they rushed out of the doors in excitement.

Sasha was more subdued, riding the bus home as she did normally. When she got home, her father was as pale as a ghost. He had obviously been crying, and her siblings were nowhere to be seen. Probably in their rooms.

Sasha's heart pounded as her dad lifted up a fine silver chain with a quartz pendant. It belonged to Sophie, and she never took it off. Sasha's mother had given it to Sophie before she left. Then her dad handed her a small folded square of paper that was faded with the wet dots of dried tears.

Unfolding the square of paper, Sasha's tears fell, slowly sliding down her face. Dear Family, I had not much longer to live anyways. I'm sorry, but it was better to fall to my death than die from a disease.

Sophie was only thirteen.

Her father had taken a seat at the table and buried his head in his hands. Sasha dropped the note on the floor and dashed up to her room, staying there for hours.

Sasha was sixteen, and had gotten quite a few friends. They texted her, but she left them without responses. Eventually, she texted one of her most trusted friends and told her to meet her at the closest coffee shop.

Sasha met with her friend and told her what had happened softly. Her friend felt awful, and volunteered to help Sasha and her family do anything. Sasha smiled, thanking her. Her friends didn't really pay attention to the news or anything, so they hadn't heard.

The rest of high school went by quickly, and Sasha tried to get over her sadness by flinging herself into drama. She didn't like it, but did gain experience from the "bad side"

She got into college at a decent school in Goldenbay, and for some reason, her family stopped contacting her completely. Her younger brother, Sean, met her when he was visiting Nightcry, and told her that her father didn't approve of where she was going to school, and didn't think that Goldenbay was the right place for her. Sean also told her that their dad had moved to Agranon, and didn't want to contact any of his kids.

Sasha was furious. She immediately invited him to dinner, and they planned to get together with the rest of their siblings.

On Sasha's 24th birthday, she started training as a firefighter in Nightcry. She loved it, and has been doing it ever since. The only thing she doesn't like is that it's hard to find vacation time and get together with family. She moved back to Nightcry and found a good apartment to live in so she could start her career as a firefighter.

In one specific fire, Sasha was carrying a small dragonet through a burning building. The building's walls were plain plywood, so they were burning very quickly. A small beam in the ceiling was cracking, burning, threatening to fall. At the last moment, she threw the dragonet forward so he wouldn't be caught in the flames. Her outstretched arms were lashed by the fire, burning right through her protective coat, creating burns on her forearms that later became scars. The dragonet got out fine, but Sasha doesn't like to talk about her burns. It reminds her of her late sister.

To this day, Sasha remains a firefighter in Nightcry. One of the only females, also. Though she spends only 1/3 of her career in the firehouse and on duty, she treats those times as her time at a second home.

Spin around and around for hours

You and me, we got the world in our hands


"Kapow, here I come!"

Sasha may not look like much, but she's capable of things you'd never expect. After all, you have to be a ringer to be a female firefighter, especially in a big city like Nightcry.

The SwiftWing has aerokinesis, but never learned to use it. She never chose to take the elective, and she now regrets it. However, she has learned to live without it, though she can lift small objects like keys or a light garment a few feet in the air for a minute or so before she gets tired.

Sasha is quite athletic, and has lean, wiry muscle corded along her body. She needs it to carry the heavy fire resistant firefighter suit, along with the oxygen tanks that are pretty heavy. She's had lots of practice carrying dragonets, and isn't afraid to do that.

The SwiftWing has a wide range of first aid knowlage, and can easily assess a wound. She doesn't get queasy at the sight of blood, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. First aid was part of the firefighter training, anyways. Firefighters usually got to the scene before ambulances, so they needed medical knowlage as well.

She isn't very good at getting guys to like her, and "flirting" means the same as "hang out" in her internal dictionary. She acts very boyish around dragons, and most find it strange in a romantic setting.

Sasha has developed a good sketching ability, and always has a sketchbook and pencil on hand, no matter how cheap and inefficient. She loves to draw, and often can be seen drawing random things when she's bored or is upset or angry.

Sasha prefers to walk places, not fly. She likes to keep her feet on the ground, as she is very clumsy when airborne. She'll fly if needed, but likes to travel on foot more.

She also isn't a very good dancer, and steps on others' feet about every half a second. She's bad and is clumsy when dancing, but thinks it's fun, much to everyone's distaste.

She isn't a very good singer either, and actually avoids this at all costs. She'll sing in the shower or while alone, but not without hthe actual song playing. She'll hum in public though, which is actually quite annoying.

Sasha isn't very organized. She tends to make up plans as she goes, and doesn't like deadlines that are set in stone. She loves to bend the rules, and doesn't understand why others can't be more flexible.

Overall, Sasha is almost your average dragoness in the modern world, just trying to stay safe, keep people safe, and just get by.

Everyday people do everyday things but I

Can't be one of them


"I don't like FlameWings much for obvious reasons. They set themselves on fire, for kami's sake."

The relationships will be filled after the contest ends. I am only finishing Bluebird and her family's relationship because that's what really important to her character.

Neyo: wip

Bluebird Sasha met the younger SwiftWing when she went to Jadewalk Academy to give a speech on fire safety, and she soon learned that the little dragoness had been caught in a house fire. Sasha is extremely sorry that she had to go through the experience, and comforted her when Bluebird told her of her fear of fire. Now, Sasha has become an figure the younger SwiftWing idolizes, and hopes that Bluebird will be happy in life for as long as possible. (Hope that's okay, Kit)

Steven: Sasha has a very strange relationship with her father. She loves him, like a daughter should, but her relationship is tainted with mistrust and old grudges. Sasha really dislikes him for casting himself away from her, and doesn't like how he disapproves of her. She hasn't talked to him in over seven years, and actually doesn't mind. He hasn't reached out to her, and talks with her siblings tell her the same - he hasn't talked to them either.

Meagan: Sasha's mom is held in a dark place of her heart. Of the memories she does have of the dragoness, most of them are quite exciting and happy. That's the reason Sasha hates her. Why did she leave her family? What made her never make contact again with anyone? And worst of all, why did she not come when Sophie died? All of those questions are unanswered, and she doesn't care anymore. She thinks of Meagan as dead, and has no desire to search for her.

Sean: Out of all her siblings, Sean is probably closest to her. She loves how he's up for just about anything, and enjoys pranking with him. They have prank wars even today, and they both love it. Sean has taken some of the brunt of her anger, due to being the one who told her about her father not wanting to contact the kids anymore. Even though she's blown up on him, he still loves her, and hopes that they will stick together for a long time, even though he moved to Silverbay.

Shane: Sasha doesn't talk to Sean's twin nearly as much as she'd like. He's always been particularly serious, and can't take jokes as easy as her other siblings. Also, he's been talking to their dad, and Steven has been able to sway him into not communicating with the others. Still, Sasha loves him.

Sophie: Sasha loved her little sister, and still does. She believes that Sophie's life was unfair, and that she deserved better, with how sweet and compassionate she was to everyone. Sasha actually temporarily debated going into the field of medicine after her sister's death so she could help research the disease, and keep people from ending their lives early. Secretly, Sasha wants to name her daughter Sophie if she ever has dragonets.

Seth: the two get along extremely well, even though Seth is even younger than the twins. The two have lots of fun when they hang out (which is rarely), and she's even visited him, which is an admirable trip considering that Seth lives in Moonfleck and her job as a firefighter.

Sam: as Sasha's youngest brother, she has always found it hard not to protect him, thinking of him as a small child. She doesn't want him to get hurt, and will stop at no ends to keep him safe. Though they don't meet often, the two have an ongoing text conversation that will keep them together.

I know you her me now, we are a different kind

We can do anything


"Trust me - I'm not worth your time."

  • her mane is actually a weak yellowish orange brownish color
    • dyed it because she didn't like it obviously
    • has almost forgotten what her natural color she's had it dyed for so long
  • has had multiple boyfriends, but hasn't gotten past the third date. ever.
  • wanted to be a gymnast when she was younger
  • she hates coffee, but almost lives off of it
  • rarely deletes text messages or deletes e-mails
    • shes too lazy to click those buttons XD
We could be heroes

We could be heroes, me and you


"I'll let you in on a little secret - my mane isn't red naturally. What color was it? Haha, no, I'd rather not tell you."

All we're looking for is love and a little light

Love and a little light


"I wish spray paint wasn't flammable. Those artists are so talented! Especially that one dragon...was Vice his name?"


We could be heroes

Me and you...

Featured In

"Come on out; I won't hurt you."


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