Samsara is a female, unknown tribe dragon. She has been around for centuries, because she is completely ageless. She looks like a RainWing, but has more details of a SeaWing, yet she has no parents whatsoever. Her main attribute is that she is seen when a dragon dies, and when a dragon is born. Often, she gives ShadowWalker tips on how to make her next potion.


Oooo, Samsara

Is the endless cycle of life, death and rebiiiiirth

For one simple truth, she dare not speak

Her light can only blister and buuuurn

No mercy for the guilty, for no more light

Upon their faces pale white

Cruel death bring the end, for life will never rise again...


Teal scales and pink at the tips of her ears, her tail, her snout, her underbelly, her wing membranes, and the top of her head, glow-in-the-dark stripes, gills on her neck, prehensile tail, RainWing body.


Her voice is heavenly yet slightly demonic, and a British accent.

Known for

  • Being sighted at birth and at death.
  • Her obsidian black eyes.
  • Being comforting and scary at the same time.
  • Being old, yet young.
  • Seeming to be related to Reincarnation.

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