Sakuya pretending to be sweet and innocent. Note the crest on her head.

Sakuya is the OC of Lionpaw315 and may be used without permission


Konahana Juraitsu Sakuya -or just Sakuya for short- is the daughter of Queen Glory. She is sarcastic, tends to laugh a lot, and somehow manages to be grumpy at the same time. She abuses her power as a princess and has no problem challenging other dragons, even ones that she respects. She is usually happy and hyperactive around dragons that she likes or considers as an equal, snappish and sarcastic around dragons she respects or admires, and shy around dragons that she really really really admires. Sakuya doesn't understand why dragons pick on other dragons for being weird, and often stands up for them. She doesn't like to admit it, but she is actually a big softie.


Sakuya is one of the few RainWings that can read. She has telepathy as her father is a NightWing, and is queasy about using her venom on other dragons but is not afraid to do it. Sometimes, just for fun, she changes her scales so that the colors form words, phrases, or even sentences. She is a good climber and you can often find her swinging around in a tree.

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