Here's a shortfic by Rainfeather the Author. Take a couple minutes; read it. It's a message concerning everyone everywhere. Comment which soul you chose.


My name is Inspiration. I represent your opinions, thoughts, your ideas you cherish.

My name is Hope. I represent the fact that everything's going to get better. I also represent your hidden strength.

My name is Humor. I represent the laughs you share with your friends.

My name is Nostalgia. I represent your past and what it means to you, as well as how it's shaped you today.

My name is Restraint. I represent the strength you show when you walk away instead of engaging in something you don't need to be involved in.

My name is Justice. I represent what you do and how it affects you. I also represent how good of a person you are.

But, there are others who are . . . less positive in the universe.

My name is Hate. I represent the anger that festers in your heart.

My name is Sorrow. I represent the tears you keep bottled up inside of you.

My name is Greed. I represent what you take instead of what you give. I also represent cynics and criminals.

The thing is, we nine souls used to be nine animus dragonets. We each chose to use our power in a very different way, and we lost our minds because of it. We now roam Pyrrhia as souls who reveal themselves to those who need help. Namely, you.

We want to go inside of your mind. With us inside of you, you will have animus power, but you'll only be able to use it the way we did in our lifetime.

Now, wait; before you choose, listen. Each of us souls have a unique gift we can give you if you choose us.

I, Inspiration, can give you the strength you need to make something great, to go past the limits of your imagination.

I, Hope, offer the determination for a long journey. I am an oasis in a desert.

I, Humor, present the ability to always make everyone laugh, even when we're sad. Laughter is the best medicine.

I, Nostalgia, can show you your destiny and offer you choices by showing you shards of your very distant past. To better realize who you are.

I, Restraint, can show which choices to make, which situations you should avoid.

I, Justice, can give you the power to help others.

Now, now, the other three souls grant gifts, too. Don't worry.

I, Hate, can offer you countless nights of insomnia and anger.

I, Sorrow, can offer you countless nights of tears.

I, Greed, can offer you everything you want; except family.

Now, it may seem obvious not to pick the last three, but many a dragon go down that path unknowingly. Don't fall because of temptation!

Which soul will you choose?