Rot is a DeathWing created by Berry52 for use in roleplay and possibly fanfictions.

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Rot is a normal black DeathWing with grey wing membranes. She has bright yellow eyes. Overall, she is a regular three year-old DeathWing dragonet.


Rot will tend to think ahead, and doesn't like to get in trouble. She stays out of other's way when something busy is occurring.

She finds the idea of eating other dragons somewhat questionable, but will still do so anyway.

Rot can tend to be sometimes ambitious, and can bite off more than she can chew. Most of the time she strives not to be.


Rot was hatched in a cave in the DeathWing territory. Her father serves under the DeathWing queen as a solider. Her mother often hunts for food. Her whereabouts during the time she is not hunting is usually unknown.

Only a three year-old dragonet, Rot has yet to explore much of the world.


Her mother: Rot doesn't always get along with her mother, as she[the mother] can be very strict and will nag at her a lot. Rot's mother will often nag at Rot for not eating some of the food that her father brings home, although she is usually unaware the food was already eaten by her. Rot and her mother do occasionally get along.

Her father: Rot will get along with her father, who often brings her home more food, as the mother grows tired of hunting and goes on strike. He teaches and has taught everything that Rot knows about Pyrrhia. He is pleased that she wants to know more.

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