Rosemary is a character by Tundra. No one can use her without permission.

Background information

Creator/User: Tundra

Main Attribute: Lonesome

Theme song: Viva la Vida- Coldplay

Theme animal: African grey parrot

Character information

Age: 12 years old (24 in dragon years)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Nothing so far... No one trusts her.

Tribe: NightWing/SkyWing???

Goal: To make a friend.

Residence: Somewhere out there...

Relatives: Father(Unnamed)Mother(Unnamed)

Allies: None.

Enemies: Almost anyone.

Likes: Roses, singing...

Dislikes: Almost everything.

Powers and abilities: She can breath maroon fire, can read minds... Almost.

Weapons: Her fire, claws...

Quote: "I don't feel like talking... Really."


Rosemary is a hybrid of a NightWing and SkyWing. Her scales are a deep maroon. Her eyes are a very sad, deep green. She has spikes like a NightWing going down her back, and large wings of a SkyWing. Her horns are a deep charcoal color. Same with her claws. Her underscales are charcoal too.


Rosemary would rather be alone, then at a party with many dragons. She is emo-like, and doesn't talk much. She isn't shy... She's just... She doesn't want to talk. She likes to sing alone, and loves roses. She was named after a special rose. Rosemary gets very embarrassed when other dragons catch her singing.


Rosemary's past is... Depressing. She was born... Well, no one knows. Her parents abandoned her. She recalls her mother a SkyWing, and father a NightWing. Rosemary was alone. For a very long time. A SkyWing found her, and took her immediately. Rosemary had a rose tucked by her ear, with a note. The note said, Please keep her safe... And with that, she was taken to the Kingdom of Sky. Rosemary almost died... She was very ill, but luckily, her 'mother' searched all over for the very rare tiger rose. It helped her immediately. Rosemary flew away at the age of four. Everyone hated her... Except for one SkyWing. He liked her. She liked him. Then the Queen heard. The Queen hated Rosemary, and never wanted her to be happy. She killed Rosemary's friend slowly in front of her own eyes. That's when she flew away. It scarred her for life. Whenever she closes her eyes, she sees him... Him.


By Lucky

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