River is a male SeaWing. In the picture, River is the one that is more blue.


River's history is unknown until he meets Galaxywalker. Galaxywalker tells him all about the murders and asks River to help her stop the murder. They talk for awhile and become friends. Galaxywalker visits him a lot and both of them develop feelings on each other until he meets Atlantis. He doesn't know that she stole Seawing eggs. He starts visiting her when Galaxywalker wasn't visit. He starts developing feelings for Atlantis but he still has feelings for Galaxywalker. Later on, he starts to hang out with the dragons with dead family members. He starts hanging out Olympia. He learns about her past and wants to help her more.


River is a nice and naive sometimes, that's it.


River is dodger blue with a lighter underbelly. He has electric yellow eyes.


  • He has feelings for Galaxywalker but has feelings for Atlantis
  • He appears in the fanfiction In for the Kill.
  • He likes to hang out with Olympia.
  • His favorite seafood is salmon.
  • He hates pork.


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