Drawn by Tundra

Rift is a mutated SkyWing and created and owned by Onyx. You are NOT allowed to use her. She is part of the fanfiction Stars Align. She is NOT to be used in roleplay.


Rift has a basic SkyWing anatomy, except her claws are very large and sharp and her teeth are extendable. She has various white, black and blue markings around her, which are from her mutation due to the aligning of the stars. She has brown eyes.


Rift is not a very smart dragon, but she enjoys helping others. She is rather gullible, as the Ignemns managed to trick her into being on their side. She is very selfless and not afraid to help others at the cost of herself. She was once shy and obedient.


According to the legend of the stars, she is supposed to have powers to change the shape and size of objects, teleport, telekinesis, and controlling the minds of dragons. But she is hardly good at using any of them, other than her freakishly big claws and teeth, which can cut through most rocks.

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