This is Ricochet the SwiftWing (SwiftWings by Lightning). She is a somewhat average female SwiftWing who is not yet included in any of my fanfictions. Ricochet is a copyright of me. Please DO NOT STEAL.

BTW, that is not a lightning stripe, I always draw my SwiftWing stripes slightly "squiggly".
Image (1)

Art by me *DO NOT STEAL*


Ricochet is a very aggressive dragon who has never set a foot on land in her entire life, not including sleeping. Ricochet is always found speeding through the clouds, trying to keep up with the wind. Like any other SwiftWing, she has telekinesis but was never taught how to use it considering that she spent most of her life alone. Ricochet only works for pay and at times can be rather selfish. Although greedy, Ricochet is very protective of her "long-lost-sister", Zip. She can be sarcastic at times, but mostly she's very focused, determined, and aggressive.


Unlike most SwiftWings, the majority of Ricochet's scales are a shade of pale blue. She has a furry blue mane and tail. She has violet eyes, white claws, and a silver underbelly and wings.


She has every normal SwiftWing ability except telekinesis. She can use it, although when she does it goes very out of hand since she had never been properly taught how to control it. Along with her average powers, she a an extremely fast flyer and is typically found speeding through the clouds. She had fantastic combat and sight abilities, although her sense of smell isn't as magnificent.

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