Behind Kel.

Reverie is a female IceWing. She was considered dead, and so, forgotten as a servant of the IceWing Queen. Reverie died and was revived by some miracle. She is Envis's sister.


  • She was very cunning, and was able to successfully assasinate those who oppose her queen.
  • She may look innocent, but she can betray and commit treason without notice.
  • Though she was long forgotten, many people are still intimidated.
  • Reverie used to be a cold-hearted killer until she met a certain someone... who was killed in an accident.
  • Currently resides near the IceWing Palace, keeping her vow to protect the IceWing Queen and the generations ahead.
  • She bears the title the "Millenium" Dragoness, a curse or boon that allows her to live until she is mortally injured. 

    Reverie trying to cling on the slime's "antennae" thing.