Requiem is a female DeathWing and one of Tide the Seawing's OCs. SHE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HER, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW. She was originally an assassin, but was shunned for letting her target live and is a wanted dragon. She is Deadheart's girlfriend.


Requiem is a jet black 9 year old DeathWing. She has silver wings and blood red claws. She is somewhat translucent, and can become invisible at will. She has ruby red eyes. She doesn't wear a skull mask like other members of her tribe.


Requiem is somewhat severe and protective, but also rebellious. She is determined, unafraid to speak her mind, and almost never goes with the crowd. However, most of this is just a cover; she's honestly just a mischievous little dragonet at heart. She doesn't enjoy killing like the rest of her tribe and was shunned. She is hated by most dragons, which is why she's alone. Requiem has a hidden talent; she's very skilled at playing musical instruments, but she loves playing on her ocarina.


She has venomous claws and green poison fire like the rest of her tribe. She can also become invisible and is very strong.

Requiem on the right, Deadheart on the left. By Eclipse :D