This is a fanfiction based around the concept of Pyrrhia being invaded by two scavenger factions, which have been in stagnant war for over 60 years. The events unfolding within take place in 5019 A.S. for the Dragons, and 2008 A.D. for the Humans. The only included tribes within this fan fiction are the Hivewings, Icewings, Leafwings, Mudwings, Nightwings, Rainwings, Sandwings, Seawings, Silkwings, and the Skywings. The only two involved scavenger nations are the United States of America, and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Scavengers will not get a main point of view within this story, but they may be included within the prologue or epilogues.

Please note that there will be violence and dark subjects within this thread.

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Nightwing List of Scavenger Traits and Weaponry

Both tribes appear to have mostly white skin and are noticeably larger and better equipped than the scavengers native to Pyrrhia. The level of technology that these scavengers use is astonishing, and is almost undistinguished from magic for most Dragons. Due to unknown reasons, the languages of these scavengers are somewhat comprehensible, although not fully understood by us. Both tribes are easily identifiable, as their furs and machines are very easily differentiated. We have decided to label them as "Blues" and "Reds," based on commonly seen markings on their furs.


Almost every single invading scavenger will be seen with one of these, virtually nothing is known about these, except that the pointy end shoots. These are also seen on their machines, although they are much larger. Most firespears will not severely damage dragons, but the larger ones will pierce the body in unimaginable ways. Projectiles fired by firespears appear to be many different types of metal, and generally appear damaged after use. Hopefully we will find more on the workings of these mysterious weapons.


These odd contraptions are covered in armor and are invulnerable to most dragon fire, they also make constant rattling sounds when moving, although very loudly. It is unknown how fast they travel, as they have been only seen either stationary, or moving at a constant rate. It is unknown how these machines move, although some first hand witnesses had explained that wheels move the heavy black bands that define these machines. Many variants of these have been spotted, although some push the boundaries of what makes them crawlers. Most of these have large firespears mounted on rotating platforms.

Some other notable variants have smaller main firespears, that still will severely injure you. Almost every single crawler is guaranteed to have scavenger sized firespears on it, as they seem to be designed to fight each other with. Some appear to have odd looking spears mounted on them, although their purpose it not quite known. Another variant is rumored to be able to have a firespear that is able to fire torrents of metal, like many scavenger sized firespears, but is much larger than the before mentioned weapons.

Mechanized Carts:

The machines move on powered wheels, some of which can rotate. These seem to fill different roles than crawlers, but not as much is known about them due to how scarcely they are seen in battle. There is a select exception though, as one variant of the mechanized cart is very frequently seen transporting scavengers to and fro. The aforementioned mechanized cart has four wheels, and the front two seem to be used to steer its direction and the back wheels appear to provide power.  Mechanized carts in general seem to have a very diverse range of weaponry, as many have similar weaponry to crawlers.


These are very loud flying machines that earn their name based on the sounds that they make. You will hear them from far away, as their chopping sound is very difficult to miss out on. There appearance is very difficult to describe, as no one has really gotten a good look at these, although two very unique characteristics are the two spinning blades on them. One is located on the top of the machine, and the other is located somewhere on the back.

Flying Wings:

This type of flying machine is only ever seen high in the sky, or heard from its distant thundering sounds. Nobody knows what these things actually do, but they appeared at the same time that the invaders did, so they must be connected. For all we know, these may not even be machines.

Elite Scavengers:

Usually the invading scavengers are found on the lines, but some have been spotted effectively killing dragons with standard weaponry, and seem to be very good at infiltration. It is not confirmed as of now, but it is possible that they use handheld devices to maintain contact with the main scavenger force. If this was true, then it is possible that the main body knows where our current positions and encampments may be located.

Blue Scavengers:

These scavengers speak dragon. They use different vocabulary, but it is still very shocking. I don't under stand how they could simply show up here, and know our language with apparently zero contact for the entirety of our existence. We can take advantage of this, and they do too. It may be possible that these scavengers will reach out to us, possibly for an alliance against the reds.

This means that the blues may be the more reasonable of the two warring scavenger tribes. They get their name from their emblem, which appears to be a flag with red and white stripes, and a blue corner covered with stars. Also, they are remarkably different than the reds. Rumors have spread around claiming that these scavengers call themselves "Americans," although that may not be true.

Red Scavengers:

Unlike the blues, the reds are represented by a large red flag with two tools in one corner. They mark their machines with red stars, and they speak an unknown language, although we can still speak their words without understanding their meaning. Based on current experiences, they are outright hostile to us, and want to conquer all of our land. Escaped prisoners have described conditions as "absolutely horrible" and claim that the Reds seem to be very reliant on their leaders, and have barley any free thoughts. This may be because of their government type, which seems similar to Ex-Queen Scarlet's regime during the War of the Sandwing Succession.

Book One: Embers of the Past


This night, three moons shined brightly in the sky. Darkwings knew it was the time, as her deepest instincts urged her to bring her egg into the moonlight, where it would absorb the power of the three moons. As she set the egg down in the clearing, she could faintly hear wing beats in the distance.

That must be him, who else would be out here at this time of night? The skywings don't patrol the mountains as much as they used too anymore, and only the Talons of Peace could be out at this time. Why would they care about me anyway, its not as if they still have a purpose anymore, other than sheltering dragons that didn't belong anywhere else. Well, If it isn't him, then I'll kill whoever endangers my son.

Suddenly, a large red skywing flew into view, and casually landed next to her.

"That's odd, I thought there were only supposed to be two moons out tonight" he stated.

She turned her head in his direction, and retorted "Maybe if you actually payed attention to what is going around you, then you would have seen the comet that crashed into the third one last night."

Maybe he is right, that comet didn't look anything like the last one that came by during my childhood, this one was lacking its tail, and all it did was shine really bright, until it crashed and blazed with a fiery red light.

She looked back, expecting Ferrous to respond, but his expression seemed to be expecting the same out of her. "Well," she confessed, "I guess it is slightly odd, because comets don't crash into moons normally."

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he shifted his position as he began to speak, "You don't know anything about what comets are normally supposed to do, because you are not a comet expert."

She then replied, "if you are the comet expert, then how come you have never seen one before?" Suprised by something unseen, Darkwings gasped, "three moons, he's hatching," as she noticed cracks spreading across the egg.

They relaxed their wings sat in front of her egg, she felt Ferrous wind his tail around hers, but she didn't mind, as the real excitement was unfolding in front of her. Black talons emerged from the now silver egg, and a tiny black head popped out. Out of all of his features, the most noticeable were the pale red scales in the corners of his eyes, and as the moonlight lit the rest of his body, she could see a spectrum of dark reds.

She then murmured to Ferrous, "Isn't he beautiful?" Ferrous didn't answer, as he was staring into the eyes of their dragonet. They were an intense orange, the same color of the embers that still smoldered after a wood fire. She then proclaimed, "His name is Emberwings, for he still burns, even when everything else is dark."

"Yes, he still burns, for there is only one dragon that has eyes like that," he said threateningly.

She then put herself between Ferrous and Emberwings, and then turned her head to steal a glance at Emberwings, but his eyes were fearful. With a sudden ferocity, Ferrous seized her head and pinned it to the ground.

"I thought I was right when I fell for you, but I was wrong, there is a-" he snarled, until he was interrupted.

"No!" she shouted, clawing Ferrous's belly furiously, "I will not let you kill him!"

Darkwings was the first to move, knocking Ferrous off his feet with her tail. She tried to jump on top of him to pin him down, but he rolled out of the way and clawed her side, stunning her. Suddenly her face was on fire, and she could not see anything. Next, he violently shoved her to the ground, and one leg in an awkward position snapped. She roared in pain, but Ferrous still marched in the direction of where she had last left Emberwings. She clumsily attempted to get up, but the pain was too great and she sank down in to a lying position, blind.

"Don't struggle," hissed Ferrous, "maybe you will survive, but your monster will surely perish."

She didn't bother to answer, she was dying and she knew it, but that didn't stop her from hearing another faint pair of wing beats in the distance.

Maybe I might survive after all, maybe an animus will come to save my life, or a brave hero who will treat me better than Ferrous ever would have.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an agonized scream, and then by Ferrous yelling in a strained voice, "WHY DO YOU BURN SO MUCH, YOU NIGHTWING SCUM, AHGGH!" The air became very still, except for the now closer wing beats, then Ferrous roared, "I HATE THIS WORD, ALL IT DOES IS PUNISH ME, THINKING IT CAN MAKE ME KILL TWO OF THEM?"

Ferrous's crazy muttering faded into the distance, and a new set of talons touched down into the clearing. She wanted to explain, to justify why she was here, but all she managed was to croak. "Help, help him please."

A new voice then blurted, "Do you reeeaaaly need help? Oh, that didn't sound very nice, am I supposed to be nice to dying dragons?"

The only response was a whimpering noise from the burning dragonet.

Chapter 1 (Six years later)

Being a hybrid was tough, but being a hybrid that burned everything he touched and could read other minds was absolutely horrible. Especially if you reside within the Sky Kingdom. In the Sky Kingdom, dragonets like him were killed normally, but he was an exception. He did not remember the exact details of his hatching, but two other dragons did.

Peril, a Skywing with firescales, like him, had seen the commotion. She arrived at the right time to save his life, but not his mother's. Otherwise, he didn't know anything else about it.

Maybe I should ask Peril for the details when I next see her.

Peril was really odd, and it seemed that her thoughts were always on fire. Otherwise, he owed his life to Queen Ruby, for she was the one who decided that he could live here. Everyone else despised him, or at least thought of him that way. Thankfully, she let him live in the cave where Peril had stashed him after the incident.

Inside the cave, there were numerous markings that he had carved in the wall, but almost all the other surfaces were smooth from use. The cave was also large enough to accommodate a single adult dragon, but he was bigger than most adults. Here, he could be away from the dragons and their hateful thoughts, here he could burn what he liked into the cold stone walls without anyone saying a word about it.

He hated how people judged him, connected him with their conspiracies, and most often, called him the Queen's pet. He was not the monster they thought he was, or at least not as much of one. He didn't fantasize about killing every dragon he met, or put any thought at all about burning them to death for his own pleasure. Most definitely, he was not evil at the core, like Scarlet, or Darkstalker.

At least I'm not an animus, because out of all the special powers you can have, that one is the most corrupting. I am 100% better than all of those villains. Besides, my scales can kill anyone bad enough to try and hurt me. Oh wait, there's my father too, but I am not like him at all, NOT at all.

He turned his head lazily as he began to hear wing beats approaching closer. Who would ever disturb him at this hour? Peeking out of the cave, he could see that the sun was in the middle of the sky, and that a orange skywing was flying towards the cave.

Never mind, I must have slept through the morning, maybe I can fly around after guard duty. Wait, that must be Condor then, I wonder what he is thinking about.

Why do I always have to fly all the way from the palace to this stupid cave and it's stupid burning dragonet. Why doesn't he just go there himself when it is time? Oh, I know why, because all he does is lay around in his cave thinking about how bad it is to be a stupid burning dragonet.

As he was standing up, he was greeted in by Condor, who quickly turned around and spat, "Time for guard duty, Nightwing."

Ember grabbed his tungsten-steel spear, and launched himself out of the cave, matching his pace to Condor's.

Why does he hate me so much, its not as if I have been killing dragons every day in the arena, like Peril said she used to. Maybe I should burn him or something, but that wouldn't do any good, the last thing I want is Queen Ruby being angry at me. Remember, don't bite the talon that houses you.

He continued to think about the same thing over and over again, not saying anything to Condor, or burning him. Over the years, he had learned that focusing on something, besides other dragon's thoughts, helped drown out all the noise. After about fifteen minutes of flying, they were at the palace doors, momentarily jolting Ember out of his convergence.

Finally, I can be away from that tongueless mutant. Why does he have to be so silent? Out of all the people who should be silent, the Queen's Guard should not be at all. Wait, why even did the Queen agree to let this one live, one was acceptable, but two is over the line.

Condor's thoughts slowly faded away, and continuing his responsibilities, Ember entered the building. Making sure not to touch anything flammable, he walked through the hallways, until he entered the throne room.

He approached the other guard and mumbled, "Your turns up."

The other guard looked at him fearfully, and then raced out of the building, thinking about meeting someone later in the afternoon. As Ember took his spot next to the door, he stood erect and wielded his spear with one talon. The throne room was crowded with some of the higher ranking soldiers; obviously something important was going on, but he didn't care. He then waited for the commotion to die down, doing his best to ignore all of the bad thoughts. After about an hour of waiting patiently, and examining dragons for suspicious actions, the soldiers filed out of the door, one looking at Ember despicably.

Look! Its the Queen's pet! I wonder what he's thinking about, maybe he wants to burn us all? He wouldn't be the Queen's pet anymore if he did that. Oh, hes looking at me weirdly, I need to get out NOW.

After the door was closed, the Queen decided to address him. "How are you doing today, Ember."

That was strange, she almost never addressed me, and I can't listen to her thoughts, like always. I should ask her about that. Maybe it is something she wears, like animus magic?

Looking at the queen now, Ember responded "I am feeling fine today, Queen Ruby."

Looking at him in almost a proud way, she stated, "I have decided to let you go to Jade Mountain Academy, when there is room available."

His eyes widened in surprise, "you are seriously letting me go there? What if there are flammable things everywhere?"

"Don't make me think twice about this. Besides, out of all the dragons here, you need it the most."

They stopped their conversation as they heard talons rushing to the door. Ember raised his spear instinctively as one of the Queen's soldiers crashed through the door. The soldier was of average size, and his scales were a warm shade of orange.

"I have bad news," he explained, "one of your students at Jade Mountain was killed!"

"Again!" Queen Ruby roared, "Who was killed this time?"

"Cardinal! They said he was killed by a scavenger, and there were weird holes in him everywhere."

Looking back at her, Ember could see her face twisted in anger. He then focused on the soldier, who also happened to have orange eyes, like Ember.

That was so weird, scavengers can't put spears that deep into a dragon, and they found metal inside of her too? Why does it feel like so many things relating to scavengers have happened these past few years?

Interrupting their thoughts, again, Queen Ruby then hissed at them. "Were going there now, Ember you are coming with me. Glide, get Vermilion and his soldiers, and meet me outside."

As if hit by the sudden realization that he was actually told to do something important, Glide raced out of the throne room. His talon steps faded away, along with his thoughts, which were strangely friendly towards Ember. Still unhappy about the news, Queen Ruby faced Ember again.

"Before we leave, I have to tell you something very important."

"Yes Queen Ruby," Ember nodded.

"There have been some very odd occurrences in the last six years. Scavenger sighting have become much more common, and fatal. These mysterious flying wings have showed up, and there have been these things dropping from the heavens."

"That is very odd," Ember confirmed.

"You were born six years ago Ember, and don't think your responsible for this, but your associated, somehow, with these events."

Is it really my fault that dragons are dying? Whatever this is, and however I am consociated to it needs to be solved. I don't know what details Peril left out, or what my father thinks, but the dots need to be connected. Otherwise, everyone will die, and it will all be my fault.

"Ember! You can think about this later, we need to go NOW," Queen Ruby commanded.

Ember quickly opened the door for the Queen, careful not to touch anything else besides the handles, as they were made of tungsten-steel. Once the Queen had passed through, he joined her in the hallways. Some time later, they burst through the outside door and onto the jetty.

Huh, the soldiers aren't here yet. Maybe I am a better guard than everyone else here.

The soldiers bursted into view not far from them, and were soon above them. One decided to land next to Queen Ruby, who Ember thought was Vermilion, exchanging quick words.

"Whats taking so long, lets go already!" Queen Ruby snapped, "Does this look like some sort of joke to you?"

All of them took off at once, and began to fly south. Careful not to get to close to Ember, the other dragons formed a triangle around Queen Ruby; leaving him enough room to do a barrel roll, although it would not be the best etiquette when flying around Queen Ruby.

Chapter 2

They had been flying for about a day, and it was the next morning when Ember began to notice the dragon following them. Whenever Ember would look back, he would see it quickly fly into some sort of cover. On one instance, he had seen the mysterious red dragon dive into a river, and in another he had ducked behind a large boulder to avoid being seen.

This dragon is defiantly not supposed to be here. This skywing keeps on hiding whenever anyone looks back, and if it had business with the Queen, then it should simply fly up and state whatever boring agenda it has.

Out of all the occurrences, the most odd out of them all, was when only Ember was in sight. Instead of hiding, the dragon landed on another boulder, and stared back. He could almost feel the dragon's eyes scraping against his scales, and the most unsettling feeling dove upon him. Unfortunately for Ember, nobody else said a word, or even noticed the large red skywing following them.

So I'll set a trap. When we next fly through an area where he loses our sight, I will be there waiting for him. I can get answers too, and Queen Ruby will defiantly appreciate that. There is no reason for me to loose in this situation; if it attacks, then I can use my firescales.

Two hours passed, and he could barley make out the sandwing fortress in the vast deserts. That was not important though, as they were about to pass through the one place where he could set his ambush. The then flew towards the Skywing column. Several of the soldiers hissed at him, but he stopped within a safe distance.

"There is someone following us, Queen Ruby, and I am going to hide behind this mountain and scare him into our custody," he called, loud enough for Queen Ruby and the soldiers to hear, but not enough for the perpetrator to hear.

Before anyone could say a word, he flew out of earshot, and hid behind a large rock. Several small shrubs and small grasses burned under his feet, but he didn't care one single bit as they shriveled into ashes. He waited for the mysterious dragon to pass by, so he could intercept it.

This is the moment I prove my loyalty to the Queen, this is how I show that I am more loyal and more useful to her than any of those lazy soldiers.

He heard wing beats approaching fast and braced himself so he could be flying in a moments notice, but didn't need to take off, as the mysterious dragon landed right in front of him. Ember leveled his spear, and was about to make his presence known, until he was distracted by something.

Three moons, he is huge, but that's not going to help in this encounter. Why is he so suddenly sniffing the air?

The dragon that looked very much like Ember turned his head, and his eyes lit with horror as he attempted to make himself look smaller.


Somebody snickered somewhere in the bushes behind the mysterious dragon, but quickly fell silent. The dragon didn't answer, but just stared at him, as if he was attempting to recall something from the past.

"Then it's off to jail for you, or I can test out my fiery death breath if you think you can escape."

"Please don't, please, I won't try to escape," the dragon stammered, "by the way, my name is Ferrous."

"What does that have to do with anything! Why were you following the Queen?"

"I wasn't, I was following you," Ferrous responded.

Suddenly, Queen Ruby and all of the soldiers burst out from behind the bushes, and surrounded Ferrous. For once, it seemed like Ember was not the one being hated on this time.

"So your the dragon that disappeared six years ago," Queen Ruby asserted.

Ferrous flared his wings and snarled, "so your the one who raised that monster? You will regret it, you will, and you will know what it feels like to be burned, like me."

"I don't think so Ferrous, he has served me better than you ever had." Queen Ruby hissed.

"I have to admit that's true, TRAITOR," one of the soldiers confirmed.

Oh my, I have never been in a clutter of thoughts so confusing, I can't make out anything right now. Besides, what did Ferrous do that makes everyone hate him so much?

"So you think you know so much about me, but your wrong," Ferrous snarled, "because if you knew anything about me, then you would have known that monster is my offspring."

Nobody spoke for a minute, until Ember decided to break the ice.

"He does look a lot like me."

"No wonder he has burn scars," one soldier quipped.

Another added, "probably because he tried to to kill Ember, but failed miserably! What a terrible skywing, who can't even dispose of firescales properly."

The soldiers continued to jab at Ferrous's ego, but that wasn't what Ember didn't want to listen to that anymore, he wanted answers, and only one dragon could provide those right now.

Stupid soldiers, they can't even comprehend how hard it is to kill firescales, especially when their mother fights back. Wait, did they just call him Ember? What did that Darkwings call him again? Emberscales? Emberteeth? Emberclaws? Emberbringer? Emberteeth? No, she called him Emberwings. No, he is just a monster, but he looks just like me. Why do they all hate me now, shouldn't they be hating Emberwings, no I mean that monster, no Emberwings.

Emberwings could not stand it. His father's mind rotated in circles, like a centrifuge, slowly getting more refined, but not making any progress in the instant. Glide's voice brought Ember back into reality.

"What are we going to do with him? We don't have any restraints, and the Place is already a days flight away."

Queen Ruby remarked, "I hope Queen Thorn doesn't mind having keeping another prisoner for a few days."

No, they could not leave now, Emberwings still needed answers, and he knew how to get them.

"We can't go now, I still need answers from this dragon," Emberwings asserted.

"OOOOOH, he wants to hear what daddy thinks," one of the soldiers jeered.

Glide retorted, "I can see why, if your father had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, would you want answers?"

"I guess I would."

Queen Ruby interjected, "Stop bickering, and let him speak already."

Firstly, Emberwings leaned his spear on the large rock, and then got down to business. As he began to approach the circle, the soldiers scattered out of his way, but still kept a loose circle around Ferrous. Looking him in the eye, Ember approached him again, and flared his wings.

Emberwings hissed, "tell me exactly what happened on the day I hatched, don't even bother using fraudulence, because I will know if you do."

"It was a normal day, and like any good skywing would, I worked throughout the day, managing dragons working in the mine. When my shift was over, I went home and slept until it was dark. This night would have been spectacular, if it wasn't for you."

Emberwings then growled, "I don't need you to say how awful I am, everyone already knows what kind of monster I am, so get back on topic."

Ferrous then continued with his story. "Three moons lit up the night, and I flew to a meeting location only me and a particular nightwing knew about. Her name was Darkwings, and I loved her, but not enough to make me disloyal to my tribe. According to her, the three moons were not supposed to be full tonight, but apparently something had crashed into one of the moons a day ago. She had also mentioned on another day that nightwings born under the moons had powers.

Everyone stared at Emberwings, and he was barraged with thoughts concerning mind-reading and prophecy. Distracted for a few seconds, Ferrous then continued again.

"Anyway, her egg was hatching, and I thought there was going to be a normal dragonet, but I saw your eyes and knew you had to be killed. I failed though, because your mother had decided to fight back, after naming you Emberwings. So I fought her until she could no longer stand; I regret it, I really do, because that night I learned what it feels like to loose someone who you love, because of your own actions. Then I tried to kill you, but you burned, and I was about to try again."

Ferrous turned towards Queen Ruby, and looked her in the eyes. "However, your other monster showed up, and I was forced to flee, as it would be literally impossible not to die around her."

Ferrous was a large dragon with red scales and orange eyes, but he would never be more than that to Emberwings. He was less than that, he was the dragon who had failed at being a father, and would never be one to look up to, like Peril or Queen Ruby.

Glide approached Emberwings, and then advised, "Lets go now, and if you have any doubts, remember that they respect you now. Also, don't forget your spear."

They used to think that he was terrible, but I think that they have changed their minds. Maybe I had my doubts, but I think Ember, I mean Emberwings, is good, and I can help keep him that way. Maybe I can get to know him better at Jade Mountain.

Emberwings was hopeful as they flew straight towards the sandwing fortress, thinking about what had just happened, and why it was important.

I'm not just a monster to them now, they will never think of me the same way after this. No, I am more to them, I am one of them now, truly a skywing, although I may still be part nightwing. Besides, I think I have a real friend now, one that is willing to look past the firescales.

Chapter 3

The sandwing fortress was surrounded by a massive wall, and he could see already see the palace grounds. In one corner was what looked like an arena, and within the grounds, next to the oasis was a large white tent. Much of the fortress, save the walls, looked like it had been recently repaired, or in some cases reconstructed.

Emberwings would never find himself in the palace though, as Queen Ruby had other plans.

"Ember, I cannot have you inside of the Fortress, or in their city. Bringing a firescales inside of the palace would be a declaration of war, and that's not what I want. Instead, your going to wait at the oasis east of the stronghold."

Separated from the rest of the group, Ember winged his way to the oasis. It was far enough from the palace not to bring attention to anyone, but close enough to where he could see anyone flying in or out of the stronghold.

As he touched down, the sand under his talons crystallized, making cracking sounds. Strangely, there was not a single dragon to be seen at the oasis, but maybe that was because of it's proximity to the sandwing fortress. Surely there had to be someone nearby? Looking closer now, he could see the husk of what used to be some sort of shack, confirming that somebody used to live at the oasis.

Emberwings approached the water, where there was more vegetation than anywhere else in the desert. Suddenly realizing that he was somewhat thirsty, he began to drink, sending clouds of steam into the sky with a hissing sound.

This water tastes way different than anything I have ever drunk at home, but it just as clear, with a blue tint. Maybe I should go in, it really is hot here, even for me.

Emberwings submerged himself in the water and even more clouds of steam rose into the sky, like some sort of smoke signal. Everything felt strange, and the sediment at the bottom of the oasis tickled his talons. Looking back, he could see the trail of shattered glass he had left in his wake, and a familiar skywing flying his way.

Glide landed next to Emberwings's glass trail, one of his talons on a small shrub, that was definitely not burning. He stared at Emberwings for a moment, and them spoke up.

"Why are you in the water?"

"Well, I was thirsty, this water looked pretty refreshing, and I've never actually been in water like this before," Emberwings said monotonously. "Wait, I really don't know why I felt tempted to go in here though," he confessed.

Glide nodded with acceptance, and then challenged, "I bet you can't burn me while your underwater."

Emberwings scratched his head with one of his talons, and then replied, "I bet it will still burn you, for the reason why you're here."

"Okay, if I win, then you have to tell me if you have any nightwing powers."

Why can't I read his mind? I could earlier, but that doesn't make any sense. Wait, he didn't have that armband before. The armband was made out of a strange black material, and had an intricate pattern carved into it.

Before Emberwings could get a good look the armband, Glide obstructed his view as he took off a leather pouch that jingled as he tossed it to the ground, next to Emberwings's spear. He then jumped into the water confidently, and waded out until he was next to Emberwings.

Glide reached out underwater, and grabbed one of his front legs, it was the weirdest feeling, and Ember did not like it at all. Letting go a second later, he remarked, "three moons, I can't believe I just got away with that!"

"Let me look at your talon, for any burns," said Emberwings.

Glide raised his talon, and looked at it intensely. Emberwings did not see any blisters, or burn marks on it, as Glide was unscathed. Looking satisfied with himself, Glide looked back at Ember waiting for an explanation.

"Before we talk about that, you have to take your armband off," Emberwings suggested.

"Alright, but lets get out of this pond first, its starting to get hot in here."

Ember waded out in a great cloud of steam, careful not to touch anything besides the sand, and especially not Glide's belongings.Unfortunately, with a great splash and a hiss, his tail swiped a bush and it caught fire and smoldered into nothingness.

Looking around him, he could see a black dragon, possibly a nightwing, gliding to the fortress. He could also see a few sandwings flying around too, but they were not headed his way, so he payed no mind to them.

"Ember! What are you doing? Aren't you going to go through with this?"

Emberwings yelped, "yes, yes I am. I can read minds, but for some reason your armband was blocking me."

"What am I thinking right now?" Glide asked Emberwings.

I have a friend that can read minds, tell the future and burn everything he touches? Maybe I should put that armband back on, I don't like the feeling that my thoughts are always being listened too.

"You were thinking about how I had all these powers, and how you wanted to put your armband back on because of how weird being listened to made you feel. You were wrong about the who telling-the-future thing though," Emberwings clarified.

It was starting to get dark now, and Ember could barley make out some odd shapes near the bases of the mountain. There was a small dust cloud, and in the front of it he could see something reflecting the light. He continued to stare at it, and saw more. he then looked above the dust clouds, and saw something in the sky. It was a flying wing, and something arced to it from the ground in a bright light, and collided into the wing. He could see the remnants of it slowly fall to the ground behind a mountain. He could faintly hear the explosion as he looked back to the dust clouds; they had dissipated, and whatever had left them was gone too.

He looked back at Glide in shock, and said nervously. "Did you see that? What in the three moons just happened?"

Glide answered, "I can't even begin to describe what just happened."

Changing the subject, Emberwings inquired, "where did you get that armband from?"

"I got it from a merchant that was selling jewelry, but I didn't have that much money, so I just bough this. He said that he had forged it himself from the rocks that fell from the sky, and he called it 'starmetal.'"

Both of their heads pivoted toward the pair of dragons approaching them. One was a wiry sandwing, and the other was a small nightwing. To the south, he could also hear an extremely annoying sound, as if the air was being folded and chopped over again. Ember grabbed his spear, and wielded it in front of the now landing dragons.

"Why are you here?" Ember hissed at the sandwing, eyes locked on his barbed tail.

"I'm here to help you," the sandwing said with a smirk, "because Queen Thorn thought it would be good idea to treat her guests well."

"Then why do you have a nightwing with you, because she obviously isn't one of Queen Thorn's subjects."

"Can you stop antagonizing him?" The nightwing said nervously.

Ember turned 180 degrees towards the nightwing, knocking a small tree over with a sweep of his tail, and setting it alight in the process. The nightwing's eyes had silver scales in the corners, like him, shaped like teardrops.

Is he a firescales? He looks like a hybrid, but that would explain the scales next to his eyes . . .

The chopping sound was overbearingly loud now, and the machines making them were cruising strait towards the group of dragons. There were seven of them, and each had a sleek metallic body, with many instruments protruding from their bodies. At the top, there was a ring of spinning blades. hard to make out in the night sky. Two Appeared to be a different type, but still looked just as threatening. The other five had small wings protruding from their sides, with menacing looking spears mounted, and some type of cylinder with holes in it.

They were flying low, just over the dark trees of the oasis. Inside, he could hear a storm of minds, somewhat legible, but there was too much interference. They continued over to the palace, and proceeded to hover in the air above, the odd two losing altitude right over the palace grounds.

Everyone was thinking the same thing: What in the three moons was that?

No one moved or spoke for a minute, everyone was too stunned to even react to the mysterious flying machines. That was, until Glide decided to share his observations.

"It sounded like those things were literally chopping the air around them, maybe we should call them 'choppers.'"

The sand dragon suggested, "we should go to the palace, NOW, because our queens might be in danger."

Nobody questioned him, and they all started to fly to the fortress. On their way, Emberwings approached the sandwing.

"Whats your name," Emberwings said aggressively, "I can ask your queen if you don't want to tell me."

Instead of answering himself, the nightwing did. "His name is Qibli, and mine is Moon."

They landed on the wall, looking over the commotion. Two of the choppers were squatting on the empty ground, blades motionless, but what really stunned him were the figures outside of it. They walked on two legs, and were clad in sand colored furs and armor. Each wielded some type of weapon, the far end of it pointing to the ground.

Qibli whispered, "scavengers," to Moon, but Ember still overheard them.

Then their leader emerged, just as a crowd of skywing and sandwing soldiers approached them. His furs were different than the other scavengers, and he did not wear a helmet, leaving the fur on his head exposed.

The sandwing Queen pushed herself through the crowd, and inquired, "what are you doing here, scavengers?"

The scavenger leader yelled, "we want to negotiate, and were not going inside of your tent."

Queen Thorn, now with Queen Ruby somewhat near her, "then what do you want from us."

The scavenger said confidently, "we want to use some of your land to establish a forward operating base, and we also want a non-aggression pact between the United States and your people."

Queen Ruby challenged,"why should I want a non aggression pact between you, and our kingdoms?"

The scavenger answered, facing Queen Ruby, "because I can help wipe out the communist scum that have been giving you trouble recently."

Ember wanted to listen to the rest of this, but he was already slumped over and half asleep. Better that he fall asleep here, than anywhere else with these scavengers about.

Somebody nudged him with a rock, and Glide darted away just as Emberwings bolted onto his feet.

"You'll want to see this, the scavengers are having Queen Ruby and Queen Thorn sign this 'non-aggression pact.'"

Emberwings mumbled sleepily, "okay."

The scavenger was now signing a large scroll, compared to him, and then he stated, "we'll be back in the sand kingdom in a week, you will see us coming."

The blades on the choppers started to rotate, and all the scavengers jumped into them just as they began to take off. A few minutes later, there was no sign that the scavengers had even been there, except for a metal strongbox they had left behind. Now that his watch was over, Emberwings found himself a comfortable position and drifted off to sleep on the wall again.

Chapter 4

Something prodded Emberwings AGAIN. A sickening smell filled the air as the blunt end of a spear was deformed by his scales. "Queen's orders, get up," a skywing soldier ordered.

Emberwings groaned, then sat up and looked around him. The box had been moved, and was in the talons of one of Queen Ruby's soldiers. He took off, and flew around, looking for anything to eat, but there was nothing to be seen around the palace.

Maybe I should head to the oasis, as every animal around here would have to get their water from that hole. Emberwings glided to the oasis, but prey wasn't waiting there, Glide was. He probably wants to talk to me about something important, like what happened last night. Is that a scroll?

He landed with a thump and a hiss, and Glide turned around with the odd scroll in his talons. "Look what I got this morning," he said haughtily, brandishing the scroll.

"What does it say, can you read it for me," Emberwings asked.

"It says, the United States, and the Soviet Union have been at stagnant war for over 60 years, but not truly as the looming threat of nuclear weaponry has prevented any real conflict between the two countries, instead both participated in proxy wars, not directly fighting each other. However, on planet 70584-E, only the United States and the Soviet Union have sent star ships to occupy continent B of 70584-E."

Glide thrust the scroll near Emberwings face, and he could make out a map of Pyrrhia, marked with a B, along with a few other land forms he didn't recognize. Below, there was another drawing of a hulking machine, with a mostly black background, and an unfamiliar planet in the background.

"Whats the name of the scroll? What are nuclear weapons?"

"Its called Know Your Enemy, Planet 70584-E," Glide stated, "I think it is some sort of guide for the scavenger soldiers on what their supposed to face here, but it isn't completely accurate about some things. Otherwise, I don't know what in the three moons nuclear weapons are, but they sound really dangerous if they kept two major world powers from actually fighting each other for 60 years."

"That isn't right at all, they shouldn't be invading our territory. Where did you get that scroll from anyway?"

"There were tons of them in that metal box they gave to Queen Ruby, and it isn't right at all, but the scroll says that the 'soviets' were headed here first." Glide answered.

"That checks out, but it still feels a bit fishy, like they left out a detail. Anyways, what did I miss out on last night?" Emberwings queried.

"Oh, they talked about the terms and restrictions about that pact, and I heard Queen Thorn say something about Queen Glory having troubles in the rain forest, and how they haven't been able to contact them for the past week. Also, can you come over here? I want to try something interesting."

Emberwings followed Glide over to what appeared to be a makeshift box, with some sand in it.

"Ember, you know how all of the sand you have touched turns all weird and crystalline? I wasn't to see what happens when you heat up a bunch of it by breathing."

"Breathing fire? How a, I supposed to do that?" Emberwings thought out loud.

Surprisingly, Emberwings had never, ever breathed fire before. Nobody had ever told him it was a thing, and he had never been in a situation where he would ever had to of used such an ability.

Glide blurted, "you haven't breathed fire before? Well, you breath like this, and then it just works." A small spurt of flame came out of his maw, but Glide quickly extinguished it.

"So you do it like this?" Glide stepped back, and Emberwings breathed fire, literally melting everything in front of him. Okay, this is epic, I'm unquestionably going to that again, sometime soon. Once everything had cooled down, Emberwings could see something reflecting inside of Glides box.

"Is that glass?" Glide gasped, awestruck.

Several shadows fell over the oasis, as the skywing armada flew overhead in battle formation.

"Looks like we have to leave," Glide confirmed.

Glide grabbed his weird box, and they both took to the air. They rejoined the group, but not exactly in it. Behind them, in the distance, Emberwings could see the strange nightwing, and her partner.

I have a feeling they have unfinished business with me, or they just think I am superbly awesome. Whatever they think, I know they can't hurt me in anyway, unless they get their talons on my spear . . .

Glide approached Emberwings again.

He still wants to talk? I guess he is pretty persistent.

Then he looked down, and so did Emberwings. There was a large dust cloud being kicked up by a column of sand colored machines, but it was the reflective blue panel that grabbed their attention. Nobody made an attempt to fly down, or even intercept the machines. Scavenger faces peered up at them, and one gave a wave and a salute. Was there something he didn't know that everyone else did?

Glide must have seen the look on his face. "I think that those blue panels are supposed to say that their friendly or something like that."

"Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Well," Glide confessed, "you weren't the only dragon falling asleep, maybe it was something in the water."

"Defiantly not the case, that sand dragon doesn't have the grammar capabilities to even think of that."

"Maybe we should call him Quibli, instead of Qibli," Glide jested, "HA! The look on his face would be hilarious!"

They flew for most of the day, until the air around them became strangely quiet, and the sun was just over the horizon. The scavenger column had been nowhere to be seen in the past few hours, but he could feel something, no, someone looking at him.

Emberwings roared in pain, but his voice was drowned out by the distant BRRRAAAAT.

He was loosing altitude fast, and he had to do something, before he fell to his death. He tried to spread his wings, but his left one faltered with a burst of pain. He tried again, but he just couldn't do it. The ground was really close now, and he panicked, fully spreading his wings and flapping two or three times, roaring in agonized pain.

Oh no, I'm going to die.

Emberwings plopped onto the ground, sending shocks through his legs. Everything hurt, and looking at his left wing, he could see many small holes in his membranes, but it was bloody hole that went strait through his wing bone that got him.

Three moons, why can't I move my wing, my back leg hurts. No, everything hurts, but at least I still have my spear. I am going to MURDER whoever did this to me, and they are going to MELT UNDERNEATH MY TALONS.

"Oh my, you look like you look like death," Glide stammered.


He turned his entire body to face Glide, his wings fully spread.

"You know, I have never really gotten a good look at your wings, but now I can see more of the nightwing in you."

Fully extended, Emberwings felt absolutely massive and dangerous, like he could KILL anything. He began to march in the direction that he heard the "BRRRAAAAT" noise come from. His tail swept wide arcs around him, knocking down small trees and burning pretty much everything else. Behind him was a trail of ashes and scorched ground, that Glide picked through, trying not to step in any hot spots.

"Are you sure you want to do this," Glide stammered, "because whatever hit you is pretty dangerous."

Emberwings did not even bother answering, until he looked up and saw a flying wing, smoke trailing behind it, and the he heard the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT that came from it.

"It isn't that one," Ember snarled, pointing at the flying wing.

"That's an A-10 Warthog," Glide said confidently, looking through the odd scroll again. "I think what got you is called a ZSU-23-4, or it could be a SA-19. Out of all the things I saw in there, those look like the only things that put that many holes in you."

Suddenly, he heard the BRRRAAAAT noise again, as he saw a line of red lights burst from nearly in front of him. Emberwings slowed down, stalking his prey. Everything had gone silent, even the smoldering shrubs that he had stepped on.

He pounced onto the first machine he saw, which had four pipes protruding from a rotating platform. The steel melted, and he could hear the suppressed screams from inside of the metal box as something inside of it exploded with many small popping sounds. He stood on it, and glared at the other metal box, he could feel the fear resonating from it. It then shot backwards, hitting a tree with a loud crashing noise. Emberwings roared as he felt something penetrate his wing AGAIN with a BEUNK, and a distant explosion.

I was already angry, but now in going to release my FIERY DEATH BREATH ON YOU SCAVENGER SCUM.

The machine was engulfed in flames, and now the smell of melting metal was absolutely overwhelming as the entire thing melted. He stopped, and all that was left was a smoldering pile of molten metal. Looking around, he could see the husk of another machine in the distance, shredded with many holes. He then proceeded to march around the clearing, or at least tried too. One of his legs were stuck inside of the smoldering machine he had been standing on.

He forced his way through the machine, and roared triumphantly, "YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME NOW, BOX SCAVENGERS!?"

A scavenger paralyzed in a bush whimpered, "с**а бл**ь," and fainted as he heard many thumping sounds behind Emberwings.

"Three moons, what did you just do," Queen Ruby stuttered.

"I isn't what I did, its what they did," Emberwings growled, "if you haven't noticed already, they declared war on me, and the ENTIRE skywing kingdom, by shooting in your direction."

Supporting Emberwings claim, Glide stated, "they weren't your new allies, just so you know. They were the communists, and now we have one as a prisoner."

One of the soldiers picked up the limp scavenger with a swipe of his talons, and then took off.

"Well, it looks like you two are going to have to walk to Jade Mountain now," Queen Ruby snorted. She took off along with the other skywings, besides Glide.

"Well, this is going to take a while," Glide confirmed.

Chapter 5

Emberwings and Glide trudged through the forested hills. Every single one of his feet hurt, especially one of his back legs, which jolted with pain every step. They didn't stop until it was completely dark, then looked for someplace to sleep. The only real shelter they could find was a gap between two boulders that left Emberwings partially exposed. By the time they were settled in, everyone was to sore to even bother speaking, and they both silently drifted to sleep.

Emberwings woke to the hissing sound of water evaporating, as it was pouring outside. Unfortunately, this was normal, and it always happened late in the year. Fortunately it wasn't snow, that usually happened at the very end of the year.

Glide woke up with a groan, he looked as if he was soaked to the bones. "Oh no," he muttered, "its raining too much, and its so humid in here."

Emberwings sat up, and a bolt of pain drove through his left wing as it snagged on an edge of the boulder. Everything hurt, and he could feel steam rising through the ragged holes in his wing. He sighed with displeasure, and dragged himself out of the hollow between the rocks.

The terrain around him had changed dramatically. The forest that they had been decimated, leaving only rows of scorched snags. The mountain slope to his left had suffered a mudslide, leaving it barren. Nevertheless, they would have to continue on anyways, ignoring the bad weather.

At least water isn't a problem anymore, but it still is completely terrible, and everything HURTS. There's not even any real shelter, barley anyone lives in these borderlands, or at least claims to, Emberwings thought. Far in the distance, he could barley make out the peak of Jade Mountain, mostly obscured by the range of mountains around it.

Glide beckoned him back inside of the hollow, holding a map. When Emberwings stuck his head inside, Glide said miserably, "were outside of the Claws of the Clouds Mountains now, but we still have to cross the Jade Mountain Range."

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