Rein is a 13 year old male SkyWing that belongs to AQUARICA. (You may not use Rein unless told otherwise!)


Rein makes for a great leader. He is brave, smart, and strong. Rein has served many years in the SkyWing army so he is very skilled in combat. He is very difficult to talk to, because of how strict he is to himself. He doesn't allow himself to go to parties, do crazy things with friends, or even flirt with the opposite gender. Rein is very mature, and always uses proper manners when confronting other dragons. He is also easily irritable, so you best stay on his side.


Rein does not look like your average SkyWing. His scales resemble the dark brown you would see on the bark of a healthy tree. His horns curl to a sharp tip that slightly drags on his furry ears. There is also fur on his chest, and his nose forms a dark oval on the very tip of his snout. Rein can almost always be seen with a tiny gold amulet around his neck. No one knows what it is, where it comes from, or what it means to him.


A typical SkyWing.


Rein, surprisingly, has two normal SkyWings for parents. Both are confused and cannot explain why Rein looks the way he does, but they both support him and love him probably more than any other parent would love their dragonet. As Rein progressed through school, other SkyWings would make fun of him, and tease him. He always thought he would never be worth anything or be actually normal. In his last years of school, he decided he would join the army and actually do something. The now nearly fully grown SkyWing is the highest rank amongst all his fellow soldiers.


Rein, being the highest rank soldier in his core, has pretty much mastered the art of combat and cunning movement. He does a lot of workouts and as a result he can fly almost nonstop and throw some powerful attacks. The fur coat lining his ear and chest is very thick and is very difficult to chew through. The fur also provides Rein with extra resistance to coldness. 


Rein, despite his oddities, is capable of doing nearly everything that a SkyWing can do besides 2 things: Breathe fire and see colors. It is unknown why Rein cant breathe fire and same applies to why he is colorblind. Neither of his parents had either disability, so it remains a secret.

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