Regen by me

Regen is a black male SwiftWing. He has a bluish-greenish mane with a red stripe down his side.

His eyes glow green when he uses his telekinises. 

It seems Moonshine may like Regen for his looks, but he just thinks of her as a friend. <3


He has a goofy personality. He is a messenger of the SwiftWings and will sometimes stop during his job to sleep. He gets serious and scary in battle, though.


Regen was born on a rainy night (regen is rain in German). His mother was keeping him warm in a "house", a giant hollow grass mound. She gave birth to him unexpectedly and ran into the house. Then a giant dragon came and killed his mother while she was protecting Regen. He believes it was a CaveWings. He was found by a local SwiftWing and now lives alone.


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