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Reaper a 6 year old DeathWing

Reaper is an 8 year old DeathWing and is an OC of Luvinthefluffin101.


Reaper was born along with a twin sister, and was the runt of the egg. His mother, Scar, favored his sister Muerte over him. Scar believed there were too many things wrong with him, his tail was crooked, his eyes were blue, and his snout was upturned. But when he reached 6, his mother's opinion about him changed. Reaper's brother had been killed by an IceWing the year before, and Reaper kept on training to be in the army so he could get vengeance. Over those 2 years, he grew to be one of the most attractive and strongest DeathWings. However, his eyes still remained blue.

Many female DeathWings tried to flirt with him, but he had an eye on another DeathWing, but she sure was different.


Reaper is a strong-looking DeathWing but has blue eyes. He has a whip-thin tail.


  • His brother was killed by an IceWIng
  • He comes from the royal line of the DeathWIngs
  • May have a slight crush on Grave