a typical MudWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Rat is a female MudWing and one of Lulerb03's OCs.



Rat is not a ordinary looking  MudWing. She has light brown scales on her body and then dark dark brown for her wings and head. Rat always wears a silver bracelet on her back hind legs. It is unknown where she got it from. 


Rat is an incredibly kind Mudwing. She is smart, patient, And always sees the light in the dark. She has a secret fear of bison because they hurt her left leg when she was a dragonet. She uses her ability to hear well to help her friends and would sacrifice herself for anyone.


Rat was born to a clutch of four dragonets in the poorest part of Mudwing territory. From a young age, she showed interest in every thing around her and was very curious. However, when she was trying to get closer to a group of buffalo she caused a stampede and injured her back leg. While recooperating, she realized that the the theory of evolution fascinated her. After she was able to walk, she started catching animals and examining them. Her BigWing cast her out for being to different, and she left with her eggs and her lizard. (Not dragon eggs, Crane eggs but snatched them to study. Science before romance.) After wandering for about a week, she found a lone dragon who told her about G.A.S.P. So, Rat set out for the HQ of G.A.S.P, and is waiting to hear if she has been excepted as a Evolutionary biology Specialist.

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