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I drew this pic before Electrical Onyx said no purple scales. Oh, well.

RapidBolt is a Swiftwing and a OC of Talonsofpeace123.


RapidBolt is a regular female SwiftWing. She is a silver SwiftWing with a purple mane, blue stripe, electric blue eyes,and orange wing mebranes. She practiced Aerokinesis, therefore had a purple glow to her eyes when used. She always wears a medallion her father gave her before he died.


RapidBolt hatched on a small outcrop on Rocky Island. Her mother died shortly after she hatched, posioned by a Skywing. Her father died as well, in a battle with the same SkyWing. Before he passed, he gave RapidBolt a medallion with a lightning bolt engraved in it, symbolizing speed.


Even through her parents' death, RapidBolt still lived on quite happily. Her friend, SonicBlast, and her family sheltered her and fed her. They became her adopted family. But still, Rapid would always look out of her window and wish that her parents were out there somewhere. She would always sit next to SonicBlast at school and lunch.

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