Rainjumper is a Female Driftwing with a blind brother named Sunhopper.


Rainjumper is a bright-ish crimson Driftwing with pale, blue webbing. Her foot fur is a pale turquiose, and her patterns look like a Blue-Ringed Octopi's. They are the same color as that species of Octopi's rings as well, except instead of black she has a beautiful, deep moss green. Her eyes are slightly darker than her webbing. The horns on her head are gold colored. She has a lithe and graceful build.


Rainjumper is a vain, confident dragon who enjoys a friendly competition. She is irrationally claustrophobic, and she is also sometimes far too brave. She does have a nicer, caring, less competitive side that is usually seen when she is talking to her blind brother, but she also talks to people who she cares for in that manner as well. Much like Tsunami, she can be extremely bossy and stupidly aggressive.