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Description: scales (usually bright like birds of paradise) constantly shift colors in accordance to their mood or preference; they have prehensile tails that are extremely useful for climbing trees

Abilities: can camouflage scales to blend into surroundings like chameleons; use their tails for climbing (prehensile tails); can spray venom from their front fangs

Location: the rainforest at the south of Pyrrhia

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Glory

Alliances: NightWings

Significant Members



Male Royalty:


Important Canon:

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Glow, Bright, Flower, Fruit, Glitz, Shimmer, Beauty, Leaf, Cloud, Heart, Song, Green, Rainbow, Fog, Rain, Blue, Indigo, Dew, Red, Glimmer, Orange, Sorbet, Stream, Fern, Scarlet, Petal, Yellow, Rose, Golden, Shade, Grass, Lavender, Purple, Bravo, Pebble, Berry

Northern RainWings




History of the Northern RainWings:

Long ago, dragons fought scavengers a war known as the Scorching. At the time, all tribes were allied against the scavengers and the RainWings were co-ruled by sisters, Scintillula and Vindexa. Vindexa was a warrior, but Scintillula was a bum. Scintillula didn't care about her responsibilities and decided not to fight in the war. As she was the larger, more dominant sister, Vindexa couldn't stop her. The other tribes, angered by Scintillula's laziness, drove them away and exiled them to the rainforest.

Unable to stand her sister and her cowardly ways, Vindexa took a few of her followers and left, eventuallly finding a haven in the Valley of the Mists, an untamed forest in the far northeastern corner of Pyrrhia, far away from other dragons and where they would be left alone. They sealed the mouth of the valley with a large avalanche and have thrived there ever since.


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