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Description: Scales constantly shift colors, generally in accordance with their mood; prehensile tails; ruffs behind ears; long and wiry bodies built for climbing

Abilities: Can camouflage scales; flexible prehensile tails; can unhinge their jaws and spray venom from frontmost two fangs

Location: The rainforest in the south of Pyrrhia, Rainforest Kingdom

Queen: Queen Glory

Diet: Citrus fruit, vegetables, plants; usually have a preference for a vegetarian diet, but are naturally omnivorous

Alliances: NightWings (Post-Exodus)

Significant Members

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Male Royalty:

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A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. RainWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon RainWings.

These subspecies are a small community of RainWings living at the murky, sometimes even swampy, bottoms of the jungle. They have excellent vision and hearing, but their climbing is subpar as they rarely do so. Forest floor RainWings have built up an immunity to many poisonous plants over the years, as that's their primary food source. They are usually in darker camouflaged colors and are known to have lower bodies and more sprawled legs, a bit like a gecko or crocodile, to scurry across forest floors better. These are free to use and edit.

These RainWings live at the southeastern corner of Pyrrhia, inhabiting the mangroves. They have better-than-average hearing, and are known to have stronger venom than Forest Floor and regular RainWings. They are typically red, orange, or camouflaged, with shifting stripes of black.

Sometimes called "Amazons", they fold their ruffs up tight to hide them, as they get in the way most of the time. Southern RainWings do not fly often, and they mainly use their wings for battle. This subspecies is known to use its larger fangs for more sinister purposes than your average RainWing.

They have slightly thicker tails, and live in a warlike society that trains dragonets to fight from birth. They have two main base camps of around twenty dragons each: Sparta and Amazonia. They often swim between two certain islands, one rumored to hold Fathom and Indigo's settlement.

Southern RainWings have been known to attack on sight. They name their dragonets after especially aggressive rain forest animals, such as Harpy or Goliath (spider).

They were formed after a small group of RainWings, fed up with their queen's terrible reign, escaped to the southern islands, where they have been ever since.

Anyone can create a Southern RainWing. Created by Victory the NightWing. (Edited to look better soon.)

Dark-Born RainWings are when a RainWing is hatched at exactly midnight. Instead of gaining energy and happyness from sunlight Dark-Borns gain it from moonlight. Sometime they might be a bit less peaceful but overall their personality it the same as any normal RainWing. Dark-Borns are also very stubborn.

Dark-Borns are seen as "creepy" to most normal RainWings because of their svale olour choice. Dark-Borns, even though they gain the ability to make their scales brighter from the moon, keep their scales in medium to almost black in colouring. This causes them to stand out a lot.

But they don't care about whatever the RainWings think about their looks, they develop this from being outcast by their teachers in their dragonet years.

Anyone can create a Dark-Born. By Ziggy the Arty Puppy


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